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& amp; nbsp; & amp; amp; nbsp; As the saying goes: food is the most important thing for the people, but this word seems to be & ldquo; People regard food, water and air as the common saying

as the saying goes: people regard food as their heaven, however, this statement seems to be more reasonable as "people regard food, water and air as their heaven"; Whether water and air are polluted is closely related to human life and health. The quality of sleep directly affects the quality of life, and the quality of water is the quality of life. In the rapidly developing modern society, the basic survival problems of human beings have received great attention. Because of a series of pollution, such as air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, the living environment of human beings has been greatly threatened; Once upon a time, a mouthful of fresh air and a cup of water that meets the drinking standards have become extravagant substances for human beings

according to the statistics of the national environment department, nearly half of the seven relatively large water systems in China are not suitable for drinking water sources. Due to the rapid development of industry, many water bodies and water sources have been seriously polluted by industry. In addition to water pollution, chlorine in tap water is also one of the pollution killers. Chlorine is the main factor leading to cancer, heart disease and other diseases. Almost all waterworks generally use the traditional treatment process of precipitation filtration and chlorination to treat tap water. In the process of treatment, chlorine combines with organic matter and humus to form trihalomethane, haloacetic acid and so on, which are more powerful organic pollutants than chlorine. As a healthy drinking water expert, Cohen Electric has created a no installation desktop drinking water purifier - mobile water bar, which meets the water quality and environmental requirements of modern society and is deeply loved by consumers

Cohen, the advocate of healthy drinking water in China, a high-end intelligent drinking water purifier - mobile water bar, in addition to the purification function of traditional water purifiers, also integrates intelligent elements such as touch screen, second heating technology, multi-level regulation of water temperature and volume, which is a household appliance that is extremely convenient for the people without installation. Cohen's high-end intelligent integrated drinking machine - mobile water bar purifies high-quality water sources layer by layer through seven layers of fine filtration; The filter element can effectively reduce scale, residual hydrogen, turbidity, heterochromatic odor, rust impurities, heavy metals, etc. at the same time, it can also effectively remove harmful substances and odor in the water, retain cool minerals beneficial to human body, and greatly retain the taste and cleanness of drinking water

Cohen's high-end intelligent drinking all-in-one machine - mobile water bar not only retains the taste and cleanliness of drinking water, but also comprehensively solves users' troubles. It can be directly placed in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices and other places. What is more worth mentioning is that Cohen's high-end intelligent all-in-one drinking water purifier, an advocate of healthy drinking water in China, has the function of "one key to normal temperature, one key to milk, one key to coffee, one key to tea", which eliminates the trouble of hot water mixing with cold water, boiling water to milk, making coffee, and making tea, and also saves time more effectively. 6L extra large external portable water tank, compared with most 3L on the market, is difficult to solve the problem of family water consumption in a day. It is upgraded with care, with no increase in volume, small space and large utilization; Since then, drinking water has become simpler and easier, and more users' life experience has been completely subverted





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