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After the decoration, many netizens indignantly expressed their various "encounters" in the construction process of their home

after the decoration, many netizens angrily expressed their "experiences" in the construction process of their home. How to avoid many troubles caused by decoration, the key point is to be clear about what you should see and know at the decoration site, so as to try to avoid hidden dangers in the later stage. Today, Xiaobian takes you to see the decoration site of netizens' home to learn about the relevant precautions

this is the house type map of netizens

construction site

water pipe laying


at present, water pipes for residential decoration are mainly divided into galvanized pipes, UPVC pipes, aluminum plastic pipes, PPR pipes, copper pipes and stainless steel pipes. According to the owner's requirements, the water pipe should be buried as far as possible. Comply with national standards and design requirements. Taps, toilets, bathtubs, etc. must be wrapped and protected, and they should be avoided as much as possible according to the situation. New and old floor drains and drainage holes must be properly handled to strictly prevent the drainage from being blocked

the pipes should be installed horizontally and vertically, laid firmly, the slope should meet the requirements, the switches and taps should be installed smoothly, and the use should be flexible and convenient. The exposed pipes must be painted with silver powder or paint before completion

when decorating, you should avoid

the owner's water and electricity is not doing well. I would like to remind netizens that they should always supervise during the construction and ask them to complete it according to your requirements

problems encountered in decoration

the main problems of the owner are:

1 the pipe row is not straight, which directly affects the threading in the future

2 the place where the pipe is connected to the cassette should use a connector, rather than directly inserting the pipe into the cassette

3 the bend of the pipe is not well bent, there is a bend

however, under the repeated supervision of the owner, it was finally all changed

this is from the restaurant to the kitchen and the entrance door. The water pipe entering the house

this is the water pipe and wire in the kitchen. It looks like a horse.

this place is the laundry. It used to be a window. Now knock it down and make a side counter in this place.

there was a wall in the dining room and the living room. Now it feels a little spacious after it is knocked down.

this is viewed from the living room, the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. There used to be half a wall blocking it. Now knock it down and make a door opening. In the original aisle, make a cloakroom

the wall of the waiwei was also knocked down. It turned out that there were too many aisles in my house, which made people feel depressed. So I knocked down all the walls that could be knocked down. In this way, it seems that the space is larger and the ventilation performance is better

cement yellow sand

bathroom, pasted some wall tiles

seamless brick effect

personal feeling is still to use jointed bricks, which is more worry-free! Seamless bricks have high requirements for bricklayers

tile laying in the bathroom

the following netizens summarized their feelings about wall tiles:

1 before tiling, you must communicate with the bricklayer to let him understand your ideas and their construction methods

2 before tiling, we should grasp the size of the whole house, and the modulus of tiles should be well matched [ask the bricklayer], and then go to buy Tiles of corresponding size to avoid waste

all the wall tiles have been pasted

the soft decoration part has been completed in the early stage of decoration, and the lamps and lanterns, which are the lamps in the guest bedroom

the lamps in the master bedroom

floor laying

door pocket construction





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