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How to choose wallpaper samples in newly opened wallpaper stores


with the improvement of wallpaper quality and the diversification of wallpaper, wallpaper has gradually become popular. The number of people who like wallpaper for home decoration has also increased significantly, so opening a wallpaper shop can be said to be an ideal choice for self entrepreneurship

the threshold for opening wallpaper stores is relatively low, and the starting capital is not much. Generally speaking, as long as there is a proper facade, appropriate decoration, and then purchase some goods and wallpaper samples, it can basically open. The total investment is about 20000-100000, depending on the scale

how to choose wallpaper samples for new wallpaper stores? Generally speaking, wallpaper can be divided into engineering wallpaper (plain color, low price), ordinary home decoration paper, medium and high-grade home decoration paper, imported wallpaper, and some special materials, such as straw paper, wall cloth, gold paper, brick paper, wall painting, etc

when opening a wallpaper store, you usually first make a grade positioning. You can choose the sales mode of medium and low-grade wallpaper or medium and high-grade wallpaper or engineering wallpaper according to the consumption level of local people, the grade of the market of the store, or the positioning of the new owner of the store. Positioning is very important. After the positioning is correct, it determines whether the wallpaper samples are low-grade or high-grade wallpaper

for medium and low-end wallpaper stores, you can choose more low-cost engineering wallpaper samples, and medium and low-end home decoration paper accounts for about 50% of the total. You can choose 3-5 high-end wallpaper appropriately, and gold paper (gold foil wallpaper), brick paper (masonry wallpaper) are also necessary wallpaper samples, and you can choose several appropriately. For the proportion of wallpaper samples of various grades in the total quantity, please refer to the following table

engineering wallpaper samples of medium and low-end stores, medium and low-end home decoration wallpaper samples, high-end wallpaper samples, wallpaper samples of other materials

wallpaper sample proportion 10-20% 50-80% 10-20% 10-20%

if you want to open a high-end wallpaper store, you should focus on medium and high-end wallpaper samples, supplemented by other wallpaper samples, as shown in the following table. However, we must choose some imported wallpaper samples for use in town stores, that is, high-end stores cannot do without imported wallpaper samples

engineering wallpaper samples of medium and high-end stores, medium and low-end home decoration wallpaper samples, high-end wallpaper samples, wallpaper samples of other materials

the proportion of wallpaper samples is less than 5%, 10-20% 50-90% 10-20%

the wallpaper samples selected for the first time cannot be guaranteed to be sold well. The shopkeeper can pay attention to the needs of guests and the sales of each wallpaper sample within 1-3 months. For wallpaper samples that are not suitable for our store, he can timely discuss with the wallpaper manufacturer or wallpaper agent to replace the wallpaper samples. At the same time, in the sales process, we will also find that there is no customer demand in the store. This kind of wallpaper samples with high demand frequency, or determined to be marketable, should also be increased regularly

to open a wallpaper shop, we must add and replace wallpaper samples in time. Otherwise, it's like a person who doesn't eat, drink or pull. It's a dead state. It doesn't necessarily mean that the shop will die tomorrow and close down, but it's certain that such a shop can't continue to thrive. Wallpaper samples are a kind of resource. If the wallpaper shop cannot supplement resources in time, the choice of customers will be greatly reduced, the success rate of business will decline, and the owner's speed of making money will be seriously affected. Therefore, it is also necessary to increase wallpaper samples in time





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