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Like to see the vast sea, like to walk on the soft beach, in short, in the eyes of many people, there is a love at first sight for the sea. Maybe your home is far away from the sea, so you can't often feel the shock of the sea, and the Mediterranean style decoration makes you feel like living by the sea, which skillfully deduces the beauty. Xiaobian has prepared several Mediterranean style decoration pictures to meet your infinite attachment to the seaside

sky blue can be said to be a classic existence in Mediterranean style decoration, representing blue sky and sea. It generally cooperates with pure white, and perfectly blends the soft beach with white clouds. In this Mediterranean style decoration picture, the plaid cloth pillows on the blue solid wood sofa exude a small fresh breath; The white solid wood rocking chair reflects the leisure purpose of Mediterranean style decoration. The broken flowers on the green curtains and the green plants in the living room are like planting a flower field on the beach, which is extremely romantic

transparent glass window is indispensable in Mediterranean style decoration. Its value is to introduce outdoor sunshine into the interior and release natural charm. This Mediterranean style decoration picture, the white extending from the wall to the ceiling, gives a very pure and quiet feeling, and forms a visual sense of hierarchy with the dark solid wood sofa and tea table on the ground. The use of solid wood elements also endows the natural soul of Mediterranean style decoration. With the blue and white striped cloth mat, we feel the pleasure of traveling on the sea

in fact, in the Mediterranean style decoration, there are not only pure blue and white collocations, but also green, golden yellow, purple, reddish brown, etc., which are the best color systems to interpret the simplicity and nature, and can also outline the realistic Mediterranean style. In this Mediterranean style decoration picture, the light yellow floral fabric sofa gives people a warm feeling. When you sit on the sofa, you will have an illusion of sitting in the sea of flowers. Look up at the ceiling built by white solid wood strips, which makes people's hearts infinitely clear. On the green sofa background wall, a delicate butterfly is dancing, smart and beautiful





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