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Songqidong, chief economist of SINOTRUK group, went deep into the front line to investigate the Shaanxi market

songqidong, chief economist of SINOTRUK group, went deep into the front line to investigate the Shaanxi market

may cause deflection. China's construction machinery is more suitable for the production of small precision injection molded products in terms of molding precision, manufacturing precision and temperature control precision; Accelerate the development and utilization of small, multi-functional special functional film production equipment; Accelerate the development and utilization of low weight, light weight and micro coating equipment; Information on accelerating the development and utilization of micro forming processing equipment on November, song Qidong, chief economist of SINOTRUK group, and his delegation went to Shaanxi to conduct market research and guide marketing work

songqidong listened carefully to the reports on sales, service, finance, operation and management, daily life and other aspects from Xi'an Branch of SINOTRUK heavy truck sales department, commercial project team of commercial vehicle sales department, and Xi'an Branch of fiber card sales department with two protective barriers (resin and polyurethane coating) to block ultraviolet light; Subsequently, they listened to the reports and problem feedback of Shaanxi regional distribution and service network system in terms of market development, product promotion, financial platform construction and support, service and parts improvement

during the investigation, songqidong traveled to many markets in Guanzhong and Yulin, Shaanxi Province. In combination with "ten major customer areas and hundreds of classic models", he visited major heavy truck customers in key areas such as coal transportation, dangerous goods transportation and bulk cement transportation, and had in-depth exchanges. He asked in detail whether the vehicles were satisfactory, where to improve and perfect, whether the after-sales service was timely, and whether the financial support was fast and effective

through investigation, songqidong fully affirmed the hard work and dedication of the overseas employees, thanked the sincere cooperation of the distribution and service system, and encouraged the achievements. He asked everyone to concentrate, find gaps and make up for weaknesses, always grasp the market dynamics, continuously improve and solve the problems and opinions found, and further improve the market share while achieving sales growth

song Qidong finally stressed that while studying and implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, promoting "two studies and one action", and implementing the group company's "grand project of reconstruction and development", all staff should take advantage of the victory of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to further overcome difficulties and make continuous progress, seize opportunities and opportunities, successfully complete the 2017 task indicators with greater enthusiasm, and prepare for and plan the work in 2018

tanyide, head of the enterprise management department of the group company, lifayou, vice president of the Automotive Transmission Design Institute of the technology development center, and others accompanied the investigation

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