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Siemens configures electrical equipment for a Chinese semiconductor factory

recently, with the increasingly high requirements of modern social industries for products, the Ministry of electricity installed a complete set of power supply system for a semiconductor factory in Chongqing that is about to be commissioned according to the system prompts. Siemens provided a complete power supply system for the plant's first production line of dynamic storage chips for industrial applications, including process automation electrical equipment from high-voltage to low-voltage systems. The semiconductor plant is expected to start production in March 2008. The order Siemens received from this plant is the largest new semiconductor production project in China, which is invested by customers headquartered in Chinese Mainland and Taiwan. Vehicle VOC exceeding the standard is mainly manifested in ethylbenzene and 2 toluene exceeding the standard

at present, the Asia Pacific region has quickly become the world's largest producer of semiconductors. Dr. udoniehage, chairman of Siemens' power transmission and Distribution Department, said: "this order is the first time that Siemens has provided an overall construction business to a single supplier in China's semiconductor business. In history, Siemens has provided LK with a single material and process optimized power supply solution, with the goal of meeting the special needs of the semiconductor production process."

integrated device manufacturers (IDMS) have achieved the first step in the chip manufacturing process and designed, manufactured and sold integrated circuit products for industrial needs. At present, there are three different distribution networks, namely standardized, emergency and uninterrupted power supply systems, to ensure the high quality of the power supply network and provide enterprises with all-weather and reliable power supply for long-term development

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