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Siemens, as a reliable partner, helps customers in the process industry achieve sustainable development

at the 2012 international chemical engineering, environmental protection and Biotechnology Exhibition (AHMA Exhibition for short), Siemens will focus on recommending the concept of plant life cycle management. Axel Lorenz, vice president of process automation of automation system department in the industrial business field of Siemens AG, said at the press conference in Karlsruhe, Germany: as a reliable partner for customers in the process industry to achieve sustainable development, we will show customers how to benefit from Siemens' products, systems, solutions and services. He explained that Siemens' integrated products achieve higher productivity, flexibility and efficiency in the whole life cycle of the factory. This is conducive to improving the operation effect and energy efficiency of the factory, and shortening the time to market of products. Siemens' groundbreaking integrated solutions integrate the integrated engineering design and automation technology of the process industry, greatly reducing the time of development and production

nowadays, all enterprises in the process industry are facing challenges such as cost pressure, global competition, constantly innovating technology and increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements. Lorenz said: Siemens can provide solutions to meet these challenges. We and all 7 Ensure that all connecting lines are connected correctly and reliably, and work closely with leading chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises to help their factories achieve the best performance. The theme of Siemens at this year's exhibition helps you develop in the midst of change, and this is also emphasized by your trusted innovative full life cycle partner

at this year's AHMA exhibition, Siemens will display a wide range of products in its plant life cycle, including process instruments, analysis systems, drive technology, process control, manufacturing execution systems, plant engineering design and other products. It covers the whole process from R & D to process analysis and design, plant engineering design, operation and maintenance, optimization and upgrading

At the press conference, Hans Georg kumpfmueller, CEO of Siemens' sensor and Communication Division, emphasized the importance of reliable process instruments and analysis systems. He also pointed out that users' demand for suppliers to provide a full range of measurement product portfolio is increasing. Kumpfmeuller added that Siemens is a complete system supplier in the field of process instrumentation and analysis systems. Our product portfolio can measure data such as pressure, liquid level, temperature, valve positioner, wireless instrument solution, weighing system and flow. In addition, Siemens is also the industry's leading supplier of process analysis systems such as gas chromatographs and gas analyzers. At the AHMAR exhibition, Siemens will show a series of important new products and applications in the chemical and health fields of the food and beverage industry and the pharmaceutical industry, including the innovative liquid 2, automatic return: automatic identification experiment, maximum force level and flow measurement technology, and a new gas analyzer

Ge AISI, vice president of COMOS industrial solutions of Siemens industrial automation group, stressed that the influence of software in different fields of the process industry is growing: the new product is independently developed by Bochuang, and the engineering design efficiency of the factory is significantly improved, and the efficiency of users is also greatly improved. For factory management from engineering design to production, Siemens will exhibit COMOS 10, which has more comprehensive functions and can manage the largest amount of data. The integration of process design and automation has also made a breakthrough. The new interface can ensure unified and two-way information exchange between COMOS and SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system

in terms of research and development, Siemens will launch clean room solutions equipped with access control, fire protection and evacuation functions, and will also provide special solutions for pure water and ultra pure water and automation laboratories

in the field of process analysis and design, Siemens will focus on continuous production in the pharmaceutical industry. Compared with mass production, enterprises are expected to save up to 20% of the cost. SIPAT process analysis technology (PAT) software contains many innovations. For the newly launched V4 version, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can easily integrate it into process control solutions

the production and maintenance system focuses on the process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 V8 with new functions: improved data exchange mode, simpler engineering design workflow, stronger communication, related redundancy and high availability functions, as well as new controllers and software tools with function expansion

the product portfolio provided by Siemens for the chemical industry has the advantages of high performance, plant availability and process reliability, which is reflected in its redundant and fault free fieldbus communication, control and maintenance concepts. In addition, Siemens will launch a mid-range controller and add SIMATIC PCS 7 APF (advanced process function), which has a more flexible mixing process

facing the process requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, Siemens will show a flexible modular solution based on SIMATIC PCS 7, which conforms to isa-s88 standard. TIA botu engineering design framework has been continuously applied in the pharmaceutical field, including formulation development and planning, production control and canning production lines. There are also serialization solutions for the pharmaceutical industry to help pharmaceutical enterprises meet regulatory requirements and implement greater transparency in their supply chain

Siemens' drive technology at this AHMA exhibition covers two themes: energy-saving drive solutions for pumps, fans and compressors, and loher motors and drive systems used in hazardous areas and extreme environmental conditions. Siemens' production and maintenance portfolio is equipped with remote services, reflecting the options and advantages of remote control automation systems

in terms of optimization and upgrading, Siemens has highlighted its engineering design, consulting and services. At the same time, it introduces new solutions to improve efficiency, such as optimizing resources, simulation or the control center of modern chemical plants. Based on the concept of automation solutions (MAV) and the service of SIMATIC PCS 7 for the whole life cycle of the plant, Siemens will demonstrate its solutions to improve plant availability, ensure investment safety and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), said Eric Apel, an assistant professor of materials science at Stanford University who is responsible for the research throughout the life cycle

Siemens also exhibited various services provided by the company for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries at this year's AHMA exhibition, including technical support, maintenance and life cycle professional consulting services related to industrial safety or energy management

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