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Siemens and Bayern Munich club continue their partnership

after three successful seasons of cooperation, Siemens and Bayern Munich club (Bayern) announced that they would continue their partnership in the next three years. The official partnership between the two sides will continue until the end of 2022/23 season, and the cooperation will still focus on the development of future oriented solutions, innovative technologies and digital products and solutions related to infrastructure

in addition, the two sides will strengthen cooperation from the beginning of the new season, especially in the field of sustainable development. As one of the key projects of the cooperation, the two sides plan to apply efficient energy storage technology and energy management system solutions at Allianz stadium and Bayern's training base on seibena street in Munich. These technologies are designed to help Bayern further improve operational energy efficiency in its sports and business activities, and thus play a leading role in sustainable development in Europe

Joe KAESER, President and CEO of Siemens AG, said: both Siemens and Bayern Munich are internationally renowned brands. We have the same enthusiasm for excellent performance and quality, which is the link that connects the two sides and has intensively started 14 projects. The signing of this new agreement will further promote our successful cooperative relationship. Siemens will make greater contributions to the cooperation with its own expertise and solutions, especially in the field of sustainable development related technologies

Karl Heinz Rummenigge, chairman of the Bayern Munich board, said: since the two sides joined hands, we have maintained a close cooperative relationship with Siemens based on mutual trust. Therefore, we are very happy to continue this journey in the future, and both sides will benefit from this cooperation at different levels

in recent years, in addition to the application of Siemens solutions in Allianz stadium, sebena Street training base and Audi dome stadium, the two sides have also jointly developed other products and solutions. Related projects include the development of the application greenkeeper app to analyze the lawn data of Allianz stadium by deploying interconnected sensors. Siemens IOT operating system mindsphere can collect data including light, temperature, humidity, soil salt content and wind power. Then the application will evaluate the data and convert it into action suggestions to help Bayern improve the quality and efficiency of lawn management

Herbert Hainer, chairman of the board of supervisors of Bayern Munich Co., Ltd. and President of Bayern Munich Football Club registration Association, said that innovation and sustainable development are the two key elements in Bayern's operation, and the cooperation with Siemens in the field of football and basketball has helped us achieve the integration of the two elements, which is of far-reaching significance. We will continue to fulfill this commitment and are full of confidence and expectation for our cooperation with Siemens in the next three years

in Bayern's home game last season, as part of the Siemens region the game project, Siemens acoustic engineers applied their outstanding skills to Allianz stadium. With the help of acoustic cameras, they measured the sound of fans during the game and mapped the relevant acoustic data to the 3D model of the stadium. Using beamforming signal processing technology, they recorded and visualized the fans' reactions to ball control switching, referee decisions, goals and missed opportunities, and formed a visual reproduction of the stadium atmosphere based on (4) experimental machine workbench and audience reactions using sound generation. Combined with acoustic and statistical analysis, engineers have studied the relationship between fans' reactions and the situation on the field. This project has won many awards, including the prreport Award for best digital communication

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