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Siemens and zhongliannengchuang deepened cooperation on the electric drive system of new energy commercial vehicles

Siemens today held a signing ceremony with Shanghai zhongliannengchuang innovative energy technology Co., Ltd. (zhongliannengchuang) on the localized production cooperation of the electric drive system of new energy commercial vehicles. The two sides will deepen local cooperation based on Siemens' global technology and development experience, and carry out localized production of Siemens' leading electric drive system technology to meet the needs of the Chinese market. Based on the cooperation between the two sides, Zhonglian nengchuang will produce electric drive system motors based on Siemens technology in its Suzhou plant, which can be applied to pure electric and hybrid commercial vehicles. This is another progress that Siemens continues to promote the localization of drive products and technologies in China

in the cooperation of new energy commercial vehicles, Siemens and Zoomlion will comprehensively deepen cooperation in the whole life cycle of product development, production and after-sales service and maintenance based on the above reasons, so as to create value for end users. At the same time, the cooperation between the two sides will promote the further promotion of new energy commercial vehicles in the Chinese market, reduce total energy consumption and emissions, so as to create a more comfortable and green traffic environment with a good level of experimental machines

Lin bin, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of the process industry and drive group, said that through this cooperation, Siemens will provide a more competitive electric drive system for new energy commercial vehicles to the Chinese market. I believe that with the full life cycle of high efficiency and high reliability, Siemens' new energy commercial vehicle electric drive system technology will bring more advantages to pure electric buses and improve their availability and operation range

Ouyangliu, chairman of Zhonglian nengchuang, said: Zhonglian nengchuang is an innovative enterprise in the field of automotive motor systems and electric drive assemblies that should be covered with dust covers at the end of the application of spring testing machines in China's new energy 4. It is committed to providing customers with new energy vehicle powertrain solutions with excellent products. Through this cooperation with xiweimenzi, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and bring high-quality, reliable and cost-effective products, services and value experience to Chinese new energy vehicle customers

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