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Siemens brings a comprehensive digital enterprise solution to promote the digital manufacturing of machine tools

· promote the digitization of the whole value chain of the machine tool industry based on the digital platform

· connect dozens of machine tools on site through mindsphere to collect and analyze machine tool data in real time, To provide optimization suggestions

· realize the direct integration of numerical control system and robot with the help of SINUMERIK run myrobot/direct control

· launch a new generation of SINUMERIK 828 numerical control system for the standard machine tool market

at the 16th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (cimt2019), it showed the continuously upgraded digital enterprise solutions for the machine tool industry, And it brings great potential for machine tool manufacturers and users to tap digitalization. Siemens' digital manufacturing of machine tools is at the right time! As the theme, it shows machine tool manufacturers and users how their end-to-end digital solutions can achieve data analysis, resource management and a significant improvement in machine tool performance. Digitalization is the primary factor for machine tool customers in different industries to improve productivity. Siemens' digital enterprise product portfolio includes comprehensive digitalization solutions for the whole production line and factory, as well as real-time edge computing applications for data analysis and performance enhancement of complex machine tools. It is not only suitable for applications in the traditional machine tool industry, but also suitable for additive manufacturing and aerospace fields

based on the digital platform, realize the digitization of the whole value chain of the machine tool industry

Siemens can use its comprehensive solution to simulate and design the actual process chain of machine tool users in the virtual world, and create the digital twins of the whole value chain of machine tool manufacturing, covering product design, production planning, production engineering, production manufacturing and digital services

Siemens' digital enterprise solutions for the machine tool industry rely on a series of open digital platforms with integrated (4) experimental machines connected to 3-phase and 4-wire power supplies:

Siemens' cloud based open operating system mindsphere can help customers in the machine tool industry make full use of cloud based digital advantages

Siemens Industrial edge platform supports local high-performance data processing directly on the machine tool side and integrates it into relevant solutions. In this platform, Siemens provides a SINUMERIK edge platform for edge computing applications in the machine tool industry, which can realize high-frequency data processing during machine tool operation and integrate with automation solutions

the Siemens numerical control system data acquisition and analysis platform (SINUMERIK integrate) can realize the production management, processing performance analysis, machine tool status monitoring and other functions of the machine tool production workshop, and provides a standard data interface, which can integrate the machine tool into production it such as manufacturing execution system (MES) and enterprise resource management system (ERP), so as to give full play to various advantages of data processing in the factory

Siemens has also launched a series of applications for the above digital platforms. For example, in addition to the management mymachi6 equipped with a precision reading scale NES application for condition monitoring, Siemens mindsphere's new application analyze myperformance/oee monitor analyzes the availability and utilization of equipment for users, calculates and evaluates the overall efficiency of equipment (OEE), and greatly simplifies the production planning process; The new application of SINUMERIK edge edge computing, optimize mymachine/trochoidal, can help machine tool users continuously improve their applications, reduce tool loss, extend the service life of machine tools, and thus reduce the total inventory cost, so as to improve the availability of machine tools and significantly improve productivity. Manage myresources, a new application integrated with SINUMERIK integrate NC system, can present the state of the whole tool life cycle, while optimize myprogramming/nx cam editor can easily optimize and adjust the machining program

with the help of Siemens digital platform, machine tool manufacturers and users can flexibly use local data processing and cloud based data processing to realize the integration of CNC system and it, so as to greatly improve production flexibility and efficiency, reduce project investment and product launch time, and consolidate and expand their competitiveness in the global market through digitization. At the exhibition site, dozens of devices from machine tool manufacturers were connected to mindsphere application manage mymachines and analyze mymachines

in addition, Siemens can also provide comprehensive services for the digital upgrading of machine tool manufacturers, from demand analysis to scheme implementation, tracking analysis, and then to continuous optimization of production process

direct integration of CNC system and robot

at the exhibition site, Siemens showed the direct integration of SINUMERIK CNC system and KOMA robot. With the SINUMERIK run myrobot/direct control solution, the Siemens machine tool numerical control system can directly integrate the robot into the production environment. Using the SINUMERIK numerical control system to control the robot, the robot can be fully integrated into the production process without additional robot controller, so as to realize convenient and flexible loading and unloading, handling, and even direct processing. Users can browse the alarm and diagnosis information in the same interface, operate the robot and other machine tool units, and program the robot with NC G code or cad/cam, so as to integrate the operation of NC machine tool and robot, so as to realize higher precision processing technology. The solution can also be further expanded, from an independent automatic processing island to a complete set of web processing system, so that the part flow of independent processing stations can realize automation and even comprehensive production planning and control, so as to optimize the management and maintenance of cutting tools and raw materials, so as to achieve high production efficiency

through the direct integration of robot and machine tool CNC system, robot can obtain all available CNC system functions. In addition to the traditional machine tool industry, the solution of NC system directly integrating robots can also be used in additive manufacturing, laser processing, aerospace and other fields

the combination of innovative automation and process technology has promoted the digitization of the standard CNC market.

at this exhibition, Siemens also exhibited a full range of CNC system solutions, SINUMERIK 808, SINUMERIK 828 and SINUMERIK 840 CNC systems, which comprehensively cover the control solutions of universal machine tools and standard machine tools, to modular advanced solutions, and then to intelligent solutions for high-end workpiece production

Siemens showed the software and hardware product portfolio of the new generation SINUMERIK 828 CNC system, and further promoted the digitization of the standard CNC market. With the help of comprehensive data access, cloud based data collection, analysis and processing, enhanced OPC UA communication, remote desktop control of PC on the system side and other functions, the upgraded SINUMERIK 828 software and hardware product portfolio makes the elastic straight line of SINUMERIK curve as the reference line; The machine tool manufacturers and users of metal materials without obvious elastic straight-line segment 828 can fully tap the value brought by digitization. The upgraded SINUMERIK 828 software covers a full range of dual channel processing, pitch compensation, anti-collision, advanced position control and other functions, which can significantly improve the performance of the machine tool and provide higher accuracy and benefit guarantee for the application of turning, milling, grinding and other processes. In terms of hardware, the new generation of SINUMERIK 828 is equipped with a faster processing controller (PPU), a 15.6-inch multi touch intelligent operation panel with enhanced functions, a 1GB bandwidth Ethernet interface, a new air-cooled simotics 1ph3 servo spindle, a new simotics 1fk2 servo feed motor supporting a higher precision optical encoder, and a more compact SINAMICS S120 combi integrated servo driver

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