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Siemens PLM Software joins hands with local motors to jointly promote the future development of manufacturing industry

China industrial control industrial control information Siemens PLM Software joins hands with local motors to jointly promote the future development of manufacturing industry

sometimes in order to reduce the weight, it also adopts non-ferrous metals and specialty metals such as aluminum alloys. Siemens recently reached a new partnership with local motors, It aims to promote future oriented manufacturing by optimizing automobile research and development and large-scale 3D printing technology. Through this cooperation, Siemens' software technology in the field of product lifecycle management (PLM) will be closely combined with local Motors' leadership in the field of CO created and automotive 3D printing to form direct digital manufacturing (DDM). Based on the common vision of future product development, local Motors plans to use Siemens' expertise in creating digital twin models to improve the productivity of its innovative local motors (LM) laboratory project, while Siemens plans to further expand its digital enterprise software suite to support the latest developments in additive manufacturing and 3D printing

Jay Rogers, CEO of local motors, said: our cooperation with Siemens began in 2011. Today's statement marks a new stage in the cooperative relationship between the two sides, which will lead to scalding positions and help our co creators further accelerate innovation. We have built the world's first co created car and 3D printing car. Today, our LM lab project will provide manufacturers around the world with new ways to create new technologies online and offline, and promote the future development of the transportation industry. LM laboratory adopts a completely open mode, which can help talented people create new technologies to meet the development needs of the world. Although we mainly focus on automobile development, LM laboratory supports technology research and development in any field

solid edge, a mainstream computer aided design (CAD) application software of Siemens? It has been applied in local motors for many years and is the key to its co creation mode. Using Siemens' unique synchronization technology, the whole set of local Mo is also relatively expensive. Tors can work together with designers from all over the world to seamlessly import non local CAD models into solid edge and easily process them

through this cooperation, local motors will fully deploy solid edge in its global institutions and expand the deployment of Siemens' NX? Software and fibersim? Product portfolio. Nx provides comprehensive computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering simulation (cad/cam/cae) solutions, and fibersim is a composite engineering software portfolio. These two solutions are in a leading position in the global manufacturing industry, and are concentrated in the automotive manufacturing industry. By expanding the application of Siemens' digital enterprise software suite, local motors and its co creator community can make full use of the digital twin model to improve the production efficiency and quality of product design and direct digital manufacturing (DDM)

by integrating and simplifying the design and production process, direct digital manufacturing (DDM) and digital twin model can save time and cost while improving production quality. The direct digital manufacturing (DDM) process uses additive manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing to directly produce parts based on 3D models. Direct digital manufacturing (DDM) can eliminate tooling requirements, solve the time lag between design and production, and simplify redesign. Siemens' digital twin model software technology can accurately represent the shape, function and performance of products and their production systems by creating virtual models, so as to realize the seamless connection between design and production. Using the highly realistic digital twin model, engineers can test the function of products and manufacturing processes in the virtual environment in order to predict and optimize their real performance in the physical environment

Dr. Helmuth Ludwig, executive vice president and chief digital officer of Siemens PLM Software, pointed out that by focusing on innovative initiatives such as industry 4.0, industrial IOT, big data analysis and cloud computing, Siemens has become a leader in promoting the future development of the manufacturing industry. As a leader, we fully realize that additive manufacturing and 3D printing have become more and more important to the global manufacturing industry, which is why we are happy to cooperate with large-scale 3D printing technology leaders such as local motors. Through close cooperation, we can actively promote the development of this new technology, so as to help global manufacturing enterprises better achieve innovation

local Motors plans to build three new factories with LM laboratories this year, and Siemens PLM Software will provide support for these three LM laboratories. This summer, a laboratory plus exhibition hall and demonstration hall are scheduled to be officially put into use at the Maryland national seaport near Washington, D.C. Later this year, the laboratory in Berlin, Germany, and the external wall insulation industry in knock, Tennessee, the United States are developing rapidly, and the comprehensive DDM micro factory in sville will also be officially put into operation. Knoxville micro factory will also become the main base for local motors to develop and build 3D printing vehicles

local motors is a technology company specializing in automobile design, manufacturing and sales. The local motors platform combines global co creation with local micro manufacturing, and brings hardware innovations (such as the world's first 3D printing car) to the market at an unprecedented speed. For more details, please visit:

Siemens PLM Software, a subsidiary of Siemens Digital Factory Group, is the world's leading provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) and production operation management (MOM) software, systems and services, with more than 15million sets of software on sale and more than 140000 customers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Plano, Texas, USA. Siemens PLM Software fully cooperates with enterprise customers to provide them with leading industry software solutions to help them gain sustainable competitive advantage through revolutionary innovation

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