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Siemens' overall anti overload caihuaqiang launched the digital native CNC system

electromechanical; Electromechanical equipment; "Digital Native" CNC system; New electromechanical products; New business opportunities; Industry information; Market quotation at the 2019 Hannover International Machine Tool Exhibition, Siemens exhibited its latest generation of CNC system SINUMERIK one. As a digital native CNC system, SINUMERIK one is a key product of Siemens to promote the digital transformation of the machine tool industry. Whether the communication line of the multi-function computer with the corresponding digital twins can be connected normally; Re equip the controller to check whether the USB hardware driver can operate the software normally, so as to realize the seamless interaction between virtual reality. With its new hardware platform, SINUMERIK one sets a new standard in productivity. Rich innovative functions further improve the processing speed, contour processing accuracy and processing quality

the top speed function of SINUMERIK one can significantly improve the processing speed of the machine tool, and even reach its physical limit. In the process of mold production, the top speed function can work together with the mature top surface function, which can not only ensure the processing efficiency but also ensure the processing accuracy. If dynrec (dynamic accuracy) is activated through the high-speed setting cycle, it can also reflect the extreme high accuracy in the details. The intelligent load control (ILC) function helps to improve the dynamic performance of the machine tool. The machine tool axis control can be dynamically adjusted according to the current workpiece weight (rather than the maximum workpiece weight) when the machine tool axis accelerates. Using the intelligent dynamic control (IDC) function, the dynamic parameters and control parameters of the machine tool axis can be balanced between the axes, and the parameters in the working area of the machine tool can be optimized. 2. The machine is supplemented with hydraulic oiling by a special oil pump for the pulsator system, so that the machine tool can achieve better dynamic performance and higher accuracy. Siemens' proven SINUMERIK 840-d SL CNC system also supports new functions such as IDC and ILC, which is of great benefit to further improve the processing speed, accuracy and accuracy of the machine tool

in addition to SINUMERIK one, Siemens also exhibited its related digital services to help machine tool users and machine tool manufacturers create digital twins for virtual machine tool debugging. Through digital twins, non productive activities such as the test run of the new NC program can be migrated to the virtual environment. Nx virtual machine tool service can help machine tool manufacturers and machine tool operators create digital twins. Siemens can provide comprehensive services covering the whole life cycle of machine tool digital twins, from engineering and implementation to training and support. SINUMERIK one virtual debugging service can help machine tool manufacturers debug machine tools in a virtual environment. Thanks to Siemens' one-stop service covering consultation, training and implementation, machine tool manufacturers can realize fast and risk-free debugging of polymer composites and 3D printing and efficient optimization of processes

sinumerik one carries out engineering configuration based on TIA portal, an efficient engineering platform. Combined with advanced programming language and seamless data flow, it can configure PLC, security solutions and HMI, so as to significantly shorten product development time and accelerate product launch

at the exhibition, more than 20 pilot customers exhibited the machine tool using SINUMERIK one and its digital twins, enabling on-site visitors to experience the practical value that SINUMERIK one and its digital twins bring to users

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