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Siemens promotes the digitalization of China's process industry

the Siemens process industry digitalization Experience Center opened to show the digitalized enterprise solutions for the process industry with digital twins as the core

the 2017 Siemens process industry summit was held in Shanghai in recent years on August. The summit shared with many process industry customers Siemens' digital solutions for process industry with digital twins as the core, as well as practical cases in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food and beverage, water treatment, fiber and mining industries. At the summit, Siemens officially released the new version of the process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 v9.0, which brings more possibilities for the optimization of the whole life cycle of the plant by introducing PROFINET to realize the digitization of the process industry up to the field level. In addition, Siemens officially held the unveiling ceremony for its Siemens process industry digital experience center in Shanghai at the summit, and continued to promote intelligent manufacturing cooperation with China Baowu iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. (Baowu group)

digitalization is the key for process industry production facilities to meet increasingly stringent requirements in flexibility, scalability, availability and security. Juerg, CEO of Siemens' process industry and drive group, promoted the replacement of imported products through the combination of production, marketing and research. En Brandes said that Siemens' unique solutions and services from integrated engineering to integrated operation and maintenance can bring customers higher efficiency, greater flexibility and faster time to market

Lin bin, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of the process industry and drive group, said that our digital solutions for the process industry have been implemented in many industries, providing strong support for the digital transformation of Chinese process industry customers

at this summit, Siemens released a new version of the process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 v9.0, which introduced PROFINET, an open bus standard based on Industrial Ethernet technology, into the process control system for the first time. PROFINET technology is fully integrated with the new distributed i/o series of SIMATIC PCS 7, SIMATIC et 200sp ha, SIMATIC CFU compact field modules and other innovative hardware. The software is more innovative and fully supports the windows 10 operating system. It is more flexible, more convenient to operate, designed for the future, and widely compatible with existing systems, which brings opportunities for the digital upgrading of process industry enterprises to be placed in the support device

following the establishment of Siemens' first digital experience center in Asia Pacific region in Beijing in June this year, Siemens' Digital Experience Center for process industry was also unveiled in Shanghai during the summit. Guan she said: "What's interesting is that people can feel the real experience from integrated engineering to integrated operation and maintenance brought by the digital twins to the process industry at a close distance: integrated design, digital handover, data management of the whole life cycle of the factory, virtual debugging and operator training system, daily inspection of virtual reality, and deep-seated equipment status analysis. On August 3, Siemens and Baosteel engineering and technology service company under Baowu group A cooperation agreement was signed on the construction of the virtual remote operation and maintenance platform, and a phase I project contract was signed. Siemens' digital enterprise solutions and consulting services are helping Chinese industrial enterprises of all types and sizes realize digital transformation, including Kasai Biological Industry Co., Ltd., Jinyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, to jointly promote the process of intelligent manufacturing

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