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Siemens and Airbus signed a long-term cooperation agreement on the development of hybrid propulsion system

Siemens AG and Airbus group recently signed a long-term cooperation agreement on the cooperative development of hybrid propulsion system. Tom Enders, CEO of Airbus group, and Joe KAESER, CEO of Siemens AG, jointly launched the aviation electrification cooperation project with a view to completing the technical feasibility demonstration of diversified hybrid/electric propulsion systems by 2020. The two companies will actively promote the cooperation project and establish a cooperative development team of about 200 people to continue to maintain Europe's leading position in innovation and development in the field of electric aircraft

electric aircraft and hybrid aircraft are one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today, and their goal is to achieve zero emission flight. In just a few years, we have made great progress in this field with the government and industry partners. Last year, our pure electric e-fan aircraft successfully flew over the English Channel. Today, we would like to thank the state government of Bavaria and Minister Aigner for their support. Thomasenders, CEO of Airbus group, said that pacxpert is the most advanced packaging technology in the industry at present. We believe that by 2030, passenger aircraft with less than 100 seats can adopt hybrid propulsion system. We are determined to work with international partners such as Siemens to complete this exploration

by entering the highly innovative field of aviation power propulsion technology, we are opening a new chapter in electric transportation. The cooperation with Airbus not only opens up a new vision for Siemens, but also enables us to achieve more disruptive innovations. Kaisa, President and CEO of Siemens AG, said that the project would be implemented under the framework of innovation AG, which was established by Siemens last year. As previously announced, Siemens innovation will work with innovation partners to jointly lead new trends and explore future oriented business opportunities. These partners can be internal employees of Siemens, external start-ups or newly established companies

hybrid propulsion system can significantly reduce aircraft fuel consumption and noise. Europe's emissions target is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 75% from 2000 levels by 2050. It is difficult to achieve this goal by relying on conventional technology alone

Airbus group and Siemens plan to jointly develop a variety of propulsion systems, with power ranging from hundreds of kW to more than 10 MW, which are respectively used for short-range aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aircraft plastic deformers (UAVs) and medium and short-range aircraft with less than 100 seats

as early as 2011, the two companies joined hands with Austrian diamond aircraft to launch a hybrid aircraft. Since then, Siemens has been committed to developing electric aircraft engines, which can increase the power by four times while maintaining the same weight

Airbus has been accumulating operating experience since it began to develop e-fan pure electric two seat trainer in 2014. This success is inseparable from the efforts of industry partners and the firm support of the French government

Airbus plans to rely on the experimental base in ottobrunn/taufkirchen to speed up the development process of relevant components and system technology on the basis of improving the research and development of electric aircraft system in the base

Siemens is determined to take the hybrid aircraft propulsion system as one of the future business development directions. The two sides have agreed to carry out exclusive cooperation in selected areas. In addition, the two sides will continue to work with current partners to develop small aircraft propulsion systems with less than 20 seats

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