Troubleshooting of paper wrinkling caused by the h

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troubleshooting of paper wrinkling caused by side gauge

our J2205 offset press has printed 80g/m2 offset paper books and periodicals for one month. The machine operates normally and the product quality is good. Recently, a batch of 55g/m2 offset paper books and periodicals were published, and the printed products wrinkled at about 8 ~ 10cm on the side of the side gauge of the paper trailing tip. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of Finance issued the notice on the release of the work guide for the 2017 industrial transformation and upgrading (made in China 2025) fund, which mentioned that the key direction of the development of new materials in 2017 is the comprehensive standardization and new mode of intelligent manufacturing, which is processed by beating paper and then printed on the machine. Although the prints are wrinkled less, they are still wrinkled. What's the reason? In order to completely eliminate the fault after the product is successfully launched, the gripping force of the swing gripping tooth and the drum gripping tooth are checked respectively, but their gripping force is appropriate, and the handover between the swing gripping tooth and the drum gripping tooth is also accurate. So, what's the problem

next, we will eliminate all factors that are not conducive to the normal paper feeding one by one from the flying to the front gauge, and finally focus on the side gauge. It was found that when the swinging teeth began to swing the paper forward, that is, when the front gauge began to lift up, the side gauge put the paper slightly slower. When printing thick paper, the reason why the paper is accurately placed is that the paper thickness can barely be carried, but the thin paper or soft paper cannot be carried. After readjusting the side gauge, the printing is normal

source: (wuxuchu, Rugao printing factory, Jiangsu Province)

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