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Siemens and Shanghai Railway Bureau jointly build the first high-speed railway cooperative maintenance center People's Shanghai, August 26 yesterday, the first high-speed railway component cooperative maintenance center jointly established by Siemens and Shanghai Railway Bureau was unveiled. The maintenance center is located in Shanghai bullet train depot, accounting for 2600 square meters if there are special requirements. It aims to provide support for the safe and stable operation of Shanghai bullet train depot. Siemens will provide four-level maintenance services and maintenance equipment for Siemens transformers and cooling units in Shanghai bullet train depot, further expand its service business in China's high-speed rail EMU market, and deepen cooperation with the Railway Bureau

Shanghai Railway Bureau is one of the largest railway bureaus of China Railway Corporation, with the largest number of Siemens velaro platform trains in the world. Since the first substantive cooperation between Siemens and Shanghai Railway Bureau in 2012, after five years of unremitting efforts, the two sides have reached a series of agreements and established the first cooperative maintenance center, officially opening cooperation in transformer maintenance. This is a specific project implemented after Siemens signed a letter of intent with Shanghai Railway Bureau in 2016

as an end-user, Shanghai Railway Bureau has witnessed Siemens' high standards in solving technical problems, strict requirements and high-quality service standards in October this year. The maintenance service of Siemens transformer and cooling unit is only the beginning of cooperation. In the future, the two sides will continue to carry out more cooperation in the field of high-speed EMU maintenance. Previously, Siemens and Shanghai Railway Bureau signed the framework agreement on the four level maintenance service of Siemens main transformer, the independent maintenance contract for the four level maintenance service of Siemens transformer, and the supply contract for the upgrading and reconstruction facilities of the main transformer maintenance line

since 2005, Siemens and China Railway Corporation have established a close and successful cooperative relationship in China's high-speed EMU market. Over the years, Siemens has supplied CRH3 platform high-speed railway multiple units and provided maintenance and overhaul services, while maintaining good communication and cooperation with domestic railway bureaus, including Shanghai Railway Bureau

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