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Siemens has completed the handover of management. Boleren takes over as president and CEO. Kaisa (63 years old), President and CEO of Siemens, will successfully end his term of office at the annual general meeting of Siemens AG held today. According to the previously announced plan, as a technology company headquartered in Munich, Siemens' leadership responsibilities will be transferred from Kaisa to its successor boloren (56 years old), which marks that Siemens has successfully completed its management and obtained the succession process of capital injection from the U.S. government. Affected by the COVID-19, the annual general meeting of shareholders was held entirely online, and shareholders and their agents would not attend the meeting on site

Jim Hagemann snabe (55), chairman of the supervisory board of Siemens AG, said: today, Siemens bid farewell to one of its greatest leaders. Kaisa has shaped today's Siemens in an unprecedented way, laying a solid foundation for achieving everlasting development in the future. It can be said that Kaisa's resignation marks the end of an era. At the same time, a new chapter of Siemens' transformation has also been fully opened

snabe also praised Kaisa's successor boleren, who has been serving Siemens Group since 1994 and recently served as chief operating officer, chief technology officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer: boleren has outstanding performance in all his positions, especially in strategic wisdom and excellent operation. He is the best person to further promote the transformation of Siemens extruder as an important processing equipment company. Boleren's development plan for Siemens in the next stage has been fully supported by the board of supervisors. All members of the board of supervisors wish him every success in his new post as president and CEO, which has experienced three 10-year development stages: the planned R & D reserve period, the scope industry period and the integration and expansion period. We look forward to moving forward side by side with him

when I became president and CEO, I said publicly: I will strive to ensure that a better Siemens is handed over to the new generation of company management. This is my promise as well as mine. Now, the time has come. Kaisa, the outgoing president and CEO, said that in the era of rapid technological change, the new Siemens AG needs a helmsman who is familiar with digital technology and has strong landing ability. For me, this person is boleren. Kaisa added

I am deeply committed to this responsibility and look forward to leading Siemens into the future with an outstanding management team. I am very grateful to the members of the board of supervisors for their trust in me. The company is now at a new starting point of opportunities of the times. We hope to work with our customers to jointly lead the industry, infrastructure, transportation and medical industry into the digital era and create a new era for billions of people every day. By implementing clear strategic priorities, we will transform Siemens into a dedicated and sustainable technology company. Boleren said

the investment value of Siemens has more than doubled during the tenure of Kaisa

Kaisa has served Siemens for more than 40 years and served as the president and CEO of the company in the past seven years. During this period, he promoted the company to make profound changes and revitalize it. His first important strategic plan is the 2020 company vision. Through the implementation of this strategy, Siemens has strengthened its competitiveness and re established its market leadership

through the deployment of the company's vision 2020+ strategy, Kaisa and the management team promote the complete transformation of Siemens enterprise group into three powerful and focused companies. Today, Siemens ecosystem includes Siemens AG, Siemens Healthcare and siemens energy. These three companies will create greater social value because they have the best ability to focus on the specific needs of their respective markets and respond quickly. Siemens AG is also more focused, adaptable and powerful than ever before

the company's shareholders fully recognize this strategy and directly benefit from it: from July 2013 to January 25, 2021, the investment value of Siemens AG has more than doubled, and the total return on shareholders is more than 136%, while the German dax-30 index rose only 64% in the same period. In addition, since its public listing, the market value of Siemens Healthcare has increased from 28billion euros to nearly 50billion euros, and the market value of siemens energy has increased from about 16billion euros to 24billion euros. During Kaisa's tenure, Siemens' adjusted EBITDA margin (physical business) increased significantly, reaching 14.3% recently (fy2020)

Kaisa (President and CEO) and boleren (member of the management committee responsible for R & D and chief sustainable development officer) accurately invested in forward-looking fields such as digital chemical plants, distributed infrastructure solutions and railway automation, which significantly enhanced the company's ability to continue to innovate. In fy2020, the company invested 4.6 billion euros in R & D, an increase of about 1/3 compared with fy2013. At the same time, they also strengthened Siemens' sustainable development ability as a technology company. Before the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015, Siemens had become the first industrial enterprise in the world to announce that it would achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. Since 2014, the carbon emissions of the company's own operations have been reduced by more than 54%

Siemens Healthcare 'acquisition of Varian Medical Systems, the global leader in cancer care, will be an important step in the history of human beings' fight against cancer. With a total amount of $16billion, this transaction is the largest acquisition in Siemens' medical history

the new management committee team opens a new chapter in Siemens AG

as the successor of Kaisa, boleren is widely known for its deep understanding of technology, successful experience in enterprise operation and people-oriented management. Born in Erlangen, Germany, he has held many different key positions in his career and accumulated rich international business experience. In addition, he has served as the head of Siemens' strategic department, as well as a member of the management committee responsible for businesses such as railway systems and building technology, as well as markets such as Asia and the Middle East. Boleren recently served as the company's chief technology officer, and has served as a director of labor affairs, chief operating officer and deputy chief executive officer

the new generation of management team led by boloren includes Ralf P. Thomas, chief financial officer, Judith Wiese, chief human resources officer, cedrik neike, who is responsible for the digital industry group, and Matthias rebellius, who is responsible for the Intelligent Infrastructure Group

at the annual general meeting held today, shareholders will make a resolution on the appointment of two new members of the board of supervisors, one of whom is Grazia vittadini (51 years old), the chief technology officer of Airbus and a member of the Airbus Executive Committee, and the other is Kasper R rsted (58 years old), the CEO of adidas group. In addition, Jim Hagemann snabe will be nominated for the next four-year term, which will end after the annual general meeting. At that time, snabe will run for re-election as chairman of the board of supervisors

in addition, the annual general meeting of shareholders will decide on the dividend for fiscal year 2020. The management committee and the supervisory board will propose to the general meeting of shareholders a dividend of € 3.50 per share for fiscal 2020. In view of the impact of the sub energy split on the market value of Ximen if the test piece needs to be tested for the second time, this amount is basically the same as the dividend of 3.90 euros per share in fiscal 2019 after adjusting 10%

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