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Registration of the first national college students' configuration software design competition

in order to let college teachers and students better understand the development direction of automation software, establish Petrochemical exchanges and technical trends, stimulate the interest of students in learning configuration software, comprehensively enhance the engineering practice ability of college students, cultivate their innovation ability, and deepen the level of cooperation between colleges and universities, Zijinqiao software company launched the first national college student configuration software design competition (acsdc) for college students and teachers across the country. So far, we have received applications from more than 100 teams/individuals from more than 20 colleges and universities across the country

the list of the first stage is now published as follows

(if you don't find your registration information, please contact us or the teacher in charge of your institution in time)

the registration index of participating institutions has been received: Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Dalian University of Technology, Liaoning University of technology, Huazhong University of science and technology, Changchun University of technology, China University of Petroleum (East China), Tianjin University of science and technology, Beijing University of science and technology More than 20 colleges and universities, including East China University of technology, Hehai University, Harbin Institute of technology, Tianjin University of technology, Jiangsu University, Changzhou Institute of engineering, Shenyang Institute of engineering, Jinan Railway University, Beihai vocational college, Chongqing Institute of science and technology, Qufu Normal University, Jinan University, Zhejiang University of technology, Zhuzhou vocational and technical college, Shandong University of technology, etc

if you haven't had time to sign up, please sign up in time in the face of this kind of situation. 25. Strain gauge extensometer [strain gauge], according to the requirements of major colleges and universities, we will delay the deadline for registration to May 15. A large number of power batteries: lithium iron phosphate battery, lead-acid battery, nickel cadmium battery, nickel hydrogen battery, iron nickel battery, sodium nickel chloride battery, silver zinc battery, sodium sulfur battery, lithium battery Batteries or battery pack modules represented by air batteries, zinc air batteries, aluminum air batteries, etc. pay more and more attention to the test indicators of their physical safety performance, and look forward to the emergence of more works

please carefully design the project for the students who have entered the competition. The deadline for the final submission of the project is June 15, 2009. I wish the students who have entered the competition good results

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