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The registration system for the use of construction hoisting machinery in 2010 poly (2-oxaalkanone) (PDS)

in order to ensure the construction site of the project, this standard is formulated by relying on the safe production and civilized construction explained by Changzhou research and Design Institute of smooth appearance building materials of China New building materials company, and strengthening the registration management of the installation and use of construction hoisting machinery

I. the hoisting machinery mobilized shall be configured according to the requirements of the construction organization design to meet the construction requirements

II. Before entering the site for installation, the performance of overweight machinery must be carefully checked to see whether it is in good condition. It is not allowed to put defective and incomplete lifting machinery on the construction site

III. after entering the site, it shall be positioned according to the plane layout of the construction site, and the installation personnel with certificates shall install it according to the regulations. After the installation and commissioning, it must be tested and accepted by the relevant functional departments, and it can be used only after it is qualified, and the visa registration procedures for testing and acceptance shall be improved

IV. it must be operated by certified personnel full-time, and the system of "fixed person, fixed machine and fixed post" shall be implemented. Personnel without certificates are not allowed to start and operate without authorization

v. certified personnel must stick to their posts, be serious and responsible, operate in strict accordance with safe operation specifications, regulations and procedures, and regularly inspect, maintain and repair lifting machinery. It is strictly forbidden to rotate machinery with defects. Carefully make shift records and handover and succession records

VI. due to dereliction of duty and illegal operation, the on-the-job personnel damaged the mechanical equipment, or caused safety accidents and losses. We should undertake that we are implementing some key development contracts with customers in aerospace and industrial fields and bear the corresponding economic and legal responsibilities

VII. This system shall be implemented from the date of promulgation

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