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The regulations of the public security department on the recruitment of school guards and clothing deposits

in order to further standardize the management of school guards; Improve and implement the management system of the school guard, so that there are rules to follow. Now the regulations on the recruitment of team members, clothing deposits, etc. are clear as follows:

first, the recruitment method of the school guard team

(I) the conditions for the recruitment of team members

the school guard team members must be good at political thought, high awareness, love the school guard work, healthy, well-educated, above junior high school level, civilized, polite and disciplined, Have certain professional knowledge, height above 1.73m, age between 18-25 years old, clear personal history, clear family and social relations, and are interested in school security work

(II) measures for the recruitment of team members

1. The recruited team members must undergo visual inspection, political review, cultural and contingency tests, and issue a certificate that the local government and public security organs have no criminal records, proving that they have good ideological and moral character and no bad deeds

2. The employed person must have a unit or individual China Insurance, and pay clothing and safety insurance. Because long carbon fiber is usually the most expensive component of the composite material combined with it, the certificate fee is 500 yuan. Fill in the team member registration form, submit a copy of ID card, two one inch photos, file for retention, and sign the contract. Handling of daily necessities such as food and accommodation

3. The probation period of new members is two months, and the contract period is one year. After the expiration of the contract, it can be negotiated separately. If I want to leave the team with a stable price this week before the contract expires, I should apply to the public security department one week in advance and pay the training fee of 100 yuan

II. Regulations on the clothing management of the school guard

the clothing of team members is a specific uniform, which marks the identity of team members, represents the dignity and work of team members, and also reflects the spirit of the public security department

(I) dress

when taking up their posts, school guards must unify the standard team clothes issued by the public security department according to the regulations, wear hat badges, shoulder badges, work certificates, tie ties, cultivate civility and discipline, have certain professional knowledge, be over 1.73m tall, be between 18 and 25 years old, have clean personal history, have clear family and social relations, and are interested in school security work

(II) methods for team member recruitment

clothing is purchased by the public security department and distributed in time according to seasonal changes. One set of long and short sleeved single clothes in summer, one set of spring and autumn clothes, and one set of cotton overcoats in three years

(III) storage and use of clothing

1. Once the clothing is distributed, it belongs to the individual. It should be taken care of and used. It must be dressed according to the regulations and must not be mixed with casual clothes

2. Clothes must be washed and changed frequently, kept clean and tidy, and must not be stained, lost or damaged at will

3. the clothes distributed shall not be lent to others, otherwise the criticism and education will be reviewed, and the consequences will be borne by yourself if there is a problem

4. If the clothes are not used enough for the specified time limit due to the termination of employment, the cash can be recovered by depreciation in proportion to the original price of the clothes (those who leave the team less than half a year will be priced as new products) and the clothes will be owned by individuals

III. regulations on school guards handling the procedures for entering (leaving) the team

(I) procedures for members to handle the procedures for entering the team

1. The public security department uniformly calculates the staffing of guards and patrol members in new and old campuses, and each department (Department) and school guard have the right to dismiss and recruit independently according to the specified conditions for recruiting members and the actual performance of members, and report the registration form of hired and dismissed members to the public security department for the record

2. After the new team members come to the team, they should register and receive clothes everywhere, and pay clothes and safety deposit. For the first time, they must pay 300 yuan at one time, and the rest can be deducted within two months after work

(II) methods for team members to handle departure procedures

1. When the team members leave the team at the expiration of the contract or midway, they must hold the settlement procedures signed and sealed by the person in charge, go through departure procedures in the office everywhere, and receive wages and clothing safety deposit

2. The team members who leave the team halfway should pay the training fee, and they can leave the team only after the formalities are cleared. It is strictly forbidden to leave without going through the formalities to make the production enterprises dare not produce unqualified products

IV. these Provisions shall be implemented from the date of adoption

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