Regulations and requirements for the outer packagi

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Regulations and requirements for the outer packaging of rice

QS and production license marks are pasted on the outer packaging of rice where it is more conspicuous and easy for consumers to identify, and some also need bar code marks. Bao is also optimistic about the polyamide market in China. Package logo: label. The label inspection contents include production date, factory name, factory address, quality standard code, quality grade, product name, etc. In addition to objective high-quality product devices and high-tech software operation experimental system, there should be written descriptions on the sales package, such as trademark, brand, product name, place of origin, quantity, specification, composition, complete disappearance of deformation of materials, realization of this characteristic and use methods, etc. We should also consider transportation, loading and unloading, handling, storage, storage, art, commodity value and other aspects

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