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Summarize the factors that affect the printing price: the hidden rule of the printing industry

at present, some manufacturers take advantage of the lack of printing knowledge of customers to reduce the compression cost by sacrificing quality and service, so when selecting printing suppliers, they can not choose the highest quotation or the lowest quotation. This is the eternal elimination selection rule, but also choose to have strength and good reputation, Pay attention to the integrity of brand management suppliers. The following information is based on experience to summarize the factors that affect the printing price, that is, the hidden rules of the printing industry

I Due to the different quality of raw materials and printing effect, the price of different brands of paper varies greatly. For example, the price of famous brand paper such as Taiyang and Jindong differs by about 1/5 or even more from that of other miscellaneous brands of paper. Of course, the gloss, smoothness and ink absorption of paper of different quality are also far from each other, and the effect of printed products is also far from each other

II The difference between printing inks and plates. Printing inks are also of different quality, and the prices of famous brand and non brand inks are far from each other. In order to reduce production costs, many small printing plants prefer to choose inks with poor quality, so the printed products are Matt and have peculiar smell, the ink layer is easy to separate from the paper, and the printed products have no high-grade feeling. Even printing plants choose to use waste recycled inks to professionally print those low-cost products, Secondly, the quality of the PS plate selected in the printing process also has a great relationship with the printing quality. A good plate can not only be used for a long time, but also print points with high accuracy, so that the chromaticity of the printed matter is more accurate and the effect is better

III The difference of printing equipment: a newly imported printing equipment needs at least 45 million, but more than tens of millions. The new equipment is equipped with more high-tech auxiliary equipment and the latest science and technology. The printing effect is very exquisite and lifelike, which can better return to the original nature of the printed matter. Now many small printing plants buy imported printing equipment or inferior domestic equipment that is close to scrap in order to reduce investment costs, Enter the market competition in the way of low cost and low price, and the quality of the products produced is not guaranteed

IV Cheeky quotation some printing enterprises have no brand awareness and long-term vision, and want to calculate a single order. First, they use an offer lower than the cost price to attract customers to pay a deposit and place an order, and then increase the price for various reasons, such as deliberately delaying the delivery time, and charging additional proofing fees, color viewing fees, edition fees and other fees. Customers have paid a deposit and can only be manipulated by them. In the end, not only did they not purchase cheap and high-quality prints, I also found myself a bellyful of gas, so I must regularly check the temperature, vibration and internal wires of the electromechanical system. The gain is not worth the loss

v Disturbing the market quotation. Some printing houses obviously have no time or ability to produce customers' orders, but in order to give customers the impression of low price and high quality, they casually quote a price lower than many cost prices, and then say that they can't do it for the time being for various reasons. As a result, customers just can't find the same quotation in the market, leaving customers with the impression that their things are cheap, The next time you place an order with him for other products, a high price will also make customers mistakenly think that their things are cheap. (the low price may be a scam, and it will disappear after receiving the deposit)

6 Differences in management costs. The management costs of each factory are different. The management of large-scale factories is relatively perfect, and all aspects of the products are relatively well done. It can be seen from the simple printed matter packaging that the water absorption of materials is too low. Good factories have neat packaging, appropriate packaging materials, various labels and other soft services, which are very good and convenient for future customers, Of course, there will be additional costs

VII Differences in service. Some factories are more serious and responsible. They find out and inform customers about the customer's documents and other places that are easy to make mistakes or feel unreasonable in a timely manner, while small factories are as long as the documents provided by the customer are right or wrong, and they are still eager for the customer to make mistakes in the documents and repeat the order, let alone simply modify the documents, proofing, color checking, delivery and other services, although the price is cheaper, In fact, the high cost of energy and time paid by the customers themselves has reduced the service cost of the printing factory

VIII Some printing houses see that there are more than a dozen different products to be priced and printed. They will choose some commonly used and simple products to quote a loss price to the customer, so that the customer can believe that he can increase the quotation several times on other products later, which belongs to a profiteer who is good and sells at a high price

IX Wrong time production mode some printing factories will accept orders at a price lower than the market price in the case of insufficient orders. After receiving the deposit, they have been pressed to do nothing. They will first make their profitable orders, and then produce products with low prices when the factory has nothing to do, so as to maintain the normal operation of the factory. In this way, the delivery time is not guaranteed. If the delivery is delayed, they also require the customer to pay the balance before shipping, so that the customer can't say anything

ten Some printing houses will charge less and pay more according to the order quantity instead of delivering according to the order quantity according to the loophole that customers cannot count the quantity on the spot. Especially for some promotional products, they will order 10000 out of 8000 and 1000 out of 700

of course, the above is that the printing price affects the printing, so the data is divided into the following. We mainly introduce the calculation method of the price, so that consumers can have a conceptual figure of the price of the printed matter they intend to buy

calculation method for the price of fixed-point purchased printed matter

first, the price composition of fixed-point printed matter = the actual cost of printing paper + edition fee + threading and binding booking fee + paste work fee + printing fee

1, the actual cost of paper = the actual purchase price of paper 1.15. According to the fixed-point bidding price of office paper published by the Municipal Finance Bureau, the actual price of printing paper shall not be higher than the guidance price

2, the edition fee includes the cost of plate making materials, typesetting fee, loading and unloading fee, and typing fee. 8kps version is 16 yuan per edition, 8K Type version and zinc oxide version are 2 yuan per edition

3, binding fee: the hot-melt glue binding subscription fee is 0.2 yuan/book, the thread binding subscription fee is 0.15 yuan/book, and the horse riding staple binding subscription fee is 0.05 yuan/book

4, paste labor cost: refers to the cost of envelope and archive bag forming and processing. Each envelope is 2.5 points, and each archive bag is 0.15 yuan (including threading, keyhole, paste labor, each 5 points/piece)

5, printing cost refers to the printing cost equivalent to the single-sided and monochrome printing cost of a full sheet of large paper. Including all costs and reasonable profits of the printing enterprise, including production costs, management costs, sales costs, taxes, consumables and so on, except for edition fees, threading and binding fees, paste work fees. Full size paper: refers to standard size (787mm 1092mm), large size (889mm 1194mm), special size (880mm 1230mm) paper

6, for prints with more than two colors, the printing fee will be increased by one sheet for each additional color or stamping (full sheet)

second, in addition to the actual cost of printing sheets, paper, edition fees, threading and binding fees, paste work fees, other factors such as urgent items, hardcover, etc. will not be increased

third, the payable for fixed-point printing is the calculation result of the actual printing quantity of printed matter according to the group price formula determined by the procurement center, including the necessary packaging fees, taxes, door-to-door delivery fees, etc. according to the specifications

example: at the request of a unit, a printing Co., Ltd. in Ningbo processed 4000 copies of 16K, 54 inner cores, four-color covers, back cover magazines (excluding the cover design fee, 128 grams of coated paper for the cover, assuming the price of 650 yuan/order), 70 grams of Champion Double tape for the inner core, bound with horse riding nails, and the price of its printed matter is calculated as follows:

1, the PS edition fee is converted into 8 yuan/16k according to the provisions of the tender, dividing 16 yuan/8k by 2, The actual number of PS editions of this magazine is 54 inner cores/16k, 1 cover/16k for each color, 4 sides in total, and 16 covers/16k for 4 colors; PS edition fee = (16 yuan/8k 2) (54+4) =560 yuan

2, the printing cost is converted into large sheets according to the actual printing surface and color number, multiplied by the total number of books, multiplied by the quotation of a printing Co., Ltd. in Ningbo (for example, 0.059 yuan/sheet), and the actual printing cost is obtained. Printing fee = [(54+4) 16] 4000 copies 0.059=1032.5 yuan

3, divide the number of inner cores per book by 2 (positive and negative double-sided printing), then divide by 16 to convert the number of paper consumed per book (large sheet), multiply the number of paper consumed per book by the total number of books, and then divide by 500 to obtain the number of paper consumed; Multiply the paper consumption by 162. 24 yuan/order (Note: This is the maximum price, which can be calculated according to the actual purchase price of the printer below the maximum price in actual operation) and 15% loss, so as to obtain the cost of inner core paper. In the same way, the cost of cover and back cover paper can also be calculated (the price of coated paper is calculated according to the actual purchase price of the printing factory, such as 650 yuan/order). Cost of inner core paper = [(54 2) 16] 4000 copies 500 162.24 yuan/order 1.15=2518.78 yuan cover paper cost = [(4 2) 16] 4000 copies 500 650 yuan/order 1.15=747.5 yuan

4, binding fee: if the magazine is bound with horse riding nails at 0.05 yuan/copy, the binding fee =4000 copies, 0.05 yuan/copy =200 yuan 5, printing payables = edition fee + printing fee + paper cost + binding fee =560 yuan +1032.5 yuan +2518. 78 yuan +747.5 yuan +200 yuan =5058.78 yuan

to prevent being cheated, you should know more knowledge. There is no standard tension sample in the world. The force value is between 60% and 90% of the full-scale force value in this range. Choosing people who have too much knowledge will only abandon those who know nothing. Similarly, unscrupulous merchants will also find some consumers who do not know. Therefore, in order to maintain their own consumer interests, we should contact various knowledge and enrich ourselves

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