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Discussion on the key technology of green packaging machinery design (Continued)

2.1 structural design of packaging machinery

at present, packaging products have tended to be refined and diversified. Under the change of this environment, diversified, flexible and multi switching functions of packaging machinery can meet the market demand. Based on this, the structural design of green packaging machinery should not only meet the basic requirements for the packaging function of industrial and commercial products, but also mainly consider improving resource utilization, and the structure is easy to disassemble and recycle. Low resource consumption, good disassembly performance and recycling performance are the main contents of green design of packaging machinery. The specific principles are: simplify the structural design of packaging machinery and try to reduce unnecessary parts; Adopt multi-functional parts to reduce the number of parts and reduce resource consumption; Optimize the layout of parts, supports and loads to make the whole machine as small as possible and improve the utilization rate of materials

2, 2 material oriented packaging machinery design technology

material oriented design technology is a green product design technology that takes materials as the object, takes the impact and effective utilization of materials on the environment as the control goal at each stage of the product's whole life cycle (design, manufacturing, use, waste), and makes it minimize environmental pollution and resource consumption while realizing the functional requirements of products

based on this, in the design of green packaging machinery, the selection and management of materials used 6. Effective experimental width: 380mm should be followed:

1) use materials that are easy to process and manufacture, reduce the processing difficulty and scrap rate of packaging machinery parts, and effectively grasp the processing quality of machine, electricity, gas and liquid and other supporting basic parts, so as to minimize energy consumption

2) try to reduce the types of materials used, especially considering the cost, try to use rare and expensive raw materials as little as possible

3) materials that are recyclable, easy to decompose, recyclable and low pollution are preferred

4) all kinds of materials used in packaging machinery often have anisotropy, so in the green design of packaging machinery, we should comprehensively consider the orientation of the materials used, so as to maximize their performance

5) considering the needs of new packaging materials, the change of packaging materials will cause the change of packaging machinery. When packaging machinery is green designed, the design for specific materials and specific materials will better promote the improvement of its economic benefits

6) in order to facilitate recycling, the model, type, grade, etc. of the materials used in the packaging machinery should be marked

2.3 manufacturing process design of packaging machinery

green manufacturing process design of packaging machinery includes the following contents: 1) adopt reasonable new processing methods, optimize the process design scheme of packaging machinery, determine the best process parameters, reduce raw material consumption, and minimize the waste in the production process; 2) Adopt appropriate packaging machinery production process, reduce waste and defective products, improve product qualification rate, improve energy utilization rate and reduce consumption; 3) In the production process of packaging machinery, substances that affect or harm the environment or operators should be minimized

2.4 modular design

modular design is an effective method for the structural design of packaging machinery, and it is also one of the common means to determine its structural scheme in green product design. Modular design is to divide and design a series of functional modules on the basis of functional analysis of products with different functions or different performance and different specifications under the same function within a certain range. Different products can be formed through the selection and combination of modules to meet the different needs of the market. Packaging machinery, especially some packaging machinery products with complex structures, are composed of several sub components with certain functions. During the design, each sub component should be designed as a relatively independent functional module as far as possible. For example, the complete equipment of packaging machinery is composed of units. Changing one or several units can respond to the changes of packaging products. In this way, combining the green product design idea with the modular design method, doctors will suggest that removing the diseased intervertebral disc can meet the functional and environmental attributes of the packaging machinery at the same time. Therefore, on the one hand, it can shorten the R & D cycle of the packaging machinery, increase the product series, improve its quality, and quickly respond to the changes in the market; On the other hand, the reliability can also be guaranteed to reduce or eliminate the adverse impact on the environment, which is convenient for reuse, upgrading, maintenance and disassembly, recycling and treatment of packaging machinery after abandonment

2.5 detachable design

good detachability is an important guarantee for the convenience of maintenance of packaging machinery, the recyclability and renewable materials of parts used. Only with good detachability can complete material recovery and possible reuse of parts and components be achieved, so as to save costs, reduce pollution and protect the environment. Based on this, we should attach importance to the design of detachability from the concept. The R & D personnel of packaging machinery should often contact users, product maintenance and resource recovery departments to obtain the shortcomings of the structure of packaging machinery in disassembly, and prepare relevant data for the development of removable design. Secondly, in order to facilitate disassembly, when planning the system of the whole packaging machine, it is necessary to consider the difficulty of disassembly from the structure, and put forward the corresponding design objectives and structural schemes

2.6 balanced life design

realizing the balance of the service life of all parts of the product is a basic principle of green product design. Therefore, in the design of green packaging machinery, we must also consider that the parts of the designed packaging machinery should have a balanced service life. Obviously, for packaging machinery, it is impossible to achieve the same or similar service life of each component. Based on this, during the design and development, it should be considered to make some important components of the whole packaging machinery equipment have a long service life, and the modules that are easy to be damaged in the equipment should be easy to replace. For some modules that are key to safety, it should be considered to design into a repairable and easy to detect structure during the design

2.7 ergonomic design

the purpose of ergonomic design is to reduce human errors in the use of packaging machinery, give play to the respective characteristics of human and machinery, and improve the overall reliability of packaging machinery. Optimize the man-machine system of packaging machinery by using the principle of ergonomics. For example, in the green design of packaging machinery, its control and manipulation system should be reliable, which not only requires the packaging machinery itself to have satisfactory accuracy, but also suitable for the use habits, easy to identify and operate, not easy to make mistakes, and if safety problems are involved, it should be designed to prevent human misoperation; Moreover, the designed operating environment should be as suitable as possible for people's work needs, and reduce the factors that cause fatigue and interfere with operation, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, light, color, noise, vibration, dust, space, etc., so as to promote the packaging machinery to achieve the best efficiency of man-machine system, so as to improve labor productivity and work quality

2.8 usability design

packaging machinery is the backbone of modern packaging industry. It is a mechanical and electronic equipment integrating machinery, electricity, gas, light, electricity and magnetism. Based on the consideration of usability, when carrying out the green design of packaging machinery, we should focus on improving the reliability and stability of packaging machinery, improve the automation of packaging machinery, closely combine the research and development of packaging machinery with computers, realize electromechanical integrated control, and integrate automatic operation procedures, data collection systems, automatic inspection systems, automatic condition detection and diagnosis systems, computer-aided design Rapid prototyping technology and other technology are more used in packaging machinery

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