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The Sullivan best customer experience Award was awarded to the top Telecom Company China Mobile

frost Sullivan (hereinafter referred to as Sullivan company) best customer experience Award dinner was held at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on March 13, 2014. The best customer experience Award founded by Sullivan was awarded to China Mobile

Sullivan's best customer experience Award is a high recognition of those enterprises that pursue excellence and perfection in customer service, competitiveness and industry performance

Sullivan's 2013 Customer Experience Research Report on China's telecommunications service industry pointed out that China Mobile has obtained obvious advantages in the selection of major customer experience factors. It includes three most important customer experience factors: telecom service experience, in store service experience and after-sales service experience

Sullivan interprets the customer experience as the whole experience of the customer about the products and services provided by the supplier from pre-sales to after-sales, including the overall relationship with the product high molecular waterproof material waterstop gb18173.2 (2) 000 and the service supplier. Said Dr. Wang Xin, global partner and managing director of Sullivan in China

in addition, Dr. Wang Xin said: the increasingly fierce competition among market participants, the change of terminal demand caused by new technologies, macroeconomic climate change and the impact of other factors have all led to the customer experience becoming more and more important. In order to remain competitive and invincible, suppliers need to constantly re evaluate and improve customer relationship management systems, and provide customers with a better purchase and use experience

Sullivan uses all key contacts to test the customer experience (such as retail, contact center, service and support) and implement the customer life cycle. This kind of research is also unique in that it focuses on both customers' emotions (emotions and feelings) and rational views

Sullivan's consulting business in China covers two major areas, namely, industrial market and consumer goods market. In the industrial market, Sullivan's new type of recycled plastic granulator in China has been continuously optimized and updated, mainly including chemical and materials, medical and Life Sciences "We can't predict where the power of design will take us. We focus on the development of carbon fiber and its composites, advanced semiconductor materials, superalloys, new display and its key materials, new military materials, special alloys for high-end equipment, new rare earth materials and other seven categories of new materials, including minerals, building materials, measurement and testing, information and communication technology, automobile and transportation, and aerospace And environmental protection. In the consumer goods market, Sullivan's research scope in China covers food and catering, clothing, luxury goods and collectibles and other segments. For more than 50 years, Sullivan has provided reliable market investment and financing, strategy and management consulting services for the global top 1000 companies, emerging enterprises and investment institutions from the perspective of globalization based on more than 40 offices on six continents

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