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About cosmetics packaging review (VII)

regulations on the administration of cosmetics hygiene  hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations" has been promulgated and implemented since 1990. Our main contribution to this has been achieved through the creative game experience we bring to children for ten years. However, from the current situation of health supervision and management, there are still some deficiencies in cosmetics packaging, which need to be further discussed and improved

first, the analysis of the main problems can be avoided by changing the location of the installation of the experimental machine

1. The sanitary supervision of cosmetics packaging materials is in the blank stage

Article 8 of Chapter II of the Regulations stipulates that containers and packaging materials that directly contact cosmetics must meet national health standards. There are many kinds of materials for making cosmetics packaging containers, such as all kinds of plastics, glass, metal, etc.  if the materials are used improperly  some harmful substances will be dissolved in the process of storing cosmetics, which will not only directly affect the quality of cosmetics, but also have a negative impact on the skin. For example, some glass products will undergo alkali dissolution during the storage of cosmetics, causing discoloration, precipitation, separation and pH value change of the contents. Plastic products are generally equipped with additives, stabilizers, pigments, etc.  once these additives are dissolved and react with the contents, they will become an inducement for the deterioration and odor of the contents. However, manufacturers often pursue the beauty and characteristics of the shape. They have not studied the nature of cosmetics and the materials and quality of packaging. The health department has not put forward specific health standards for cosmetics packaging containers so far. This undoubtedly leaves hidden dangers for the health quality of cosmetics! 2. Poor management of cosmetics labels

in order to attract consumers and expand sales, manufacturers also make a big fuss on product labels and instructions in addition to using their brains on packaging forms. Some products do not apply for approval of special-purpose cosmetics, but the instructions publicize that their products have special functions. Such as "this product can effectively prevent hair loss", "this product has the effect of desalinating facial black spots", etc; Some product labels use absolute languages such as "the latest scientific and technological achievements" and "pure natural products". These irresponsible propaganda mislead consumers

II. Improvement measures

in view of the above problems, it is suggested to take the following improvement measures 

1. Carry out research on the hygienic performance of cosmetic packaging containers

in view of the current situation that there are no hygienic requirements for cosmetic packaging containers in China, the health department should specifically study the hygienic problems existing in the existing packaging materials for cosmetics, as well as in the process of storing cosmetics, For the dissolution of harmful substances that will occur, put forward requirements for raw materials and additives used in the production of packaging containers, and formulate corresponding health standards, so that the health department has a basis for the health supervision and management of containers

2. Strictly implement the product registration and filing system, and strengthen the review of labels

labels provide consumers with product quality information. In view of the high level of nonstandard labels of cosmetics in the current market inspection, local health departments should strengthen supervision. Health supervisors at all levels, especially grass-roots staff, should not only master the requirements of the regulations for the items that should be marked on the labels, but also understand and master the label theory, which is a taboo term for product publicity in the brochures of large textile countries in China. At the same time, enterprises are required to submit the sample label for approval at the packaging design stage of new products, so as to eliminate unqualified labels in the "embryonic" state, which not only urges enterprises to operate in accordance with the law, but also enables enterprises to avoid economic losses caused by packaging design not meeting the requirements

development trend of cosmetics packaging in China

in general, "cosmetics" actually includes skin care products, beauty salons and perfume. All kinds of eye cream, night cream, SOD honey and sunscreen can be classified as skin care products; Shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, nail polish and other cosmetics can be classified as beauty products; And perfume can always be a family of its own

cosmetics, as a kind of fashionable consumer goods, need high-quality packaging materials to enhance its value. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetics packaging, while glass, plastic and metal are the main cosmetics packaging container materials, and cartons are often used as the outer packaging of cosmetics. Constantly developing new materials and processing technologies and pursuing new shapes have always been the focus of the industry on the development of cosmetic packaging containers. The application scope of materials is not limited to glass bottles and plastic bottles. The application of new materials has also become a way for the cosmetics industry to launch new products and improve existing products

taking P & G as an example, the bottle material of its new "exciting" bath brand has changed the previous hard plastic texture, and chose a more humanized soft and hard plastic packaging, which virtually increases the affinity of its products. It can be said that the successful launch of "exciting" has something to do with the choice of packaging materials. Similarly, "Pantene" has made a lot of efforts in the improvement of packaging patterns and materials on the basis of the existing strong brands, injecting new vitality into the old brands. It can be seen that fashionable, eye-catching, dynamic and interesting outer packaging design and the adoption of new bottle type will become one of the means for cosmetics manufacturers to win the terminal

in the field of skin care products, durable and exquisite outer packaging is emerging in endlessly. Take the crystal series products produced by Dalian Ecological Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. as an example: first, due to its unique paste manufacturing process, a fully automatic computer paste making machine is used for the first time to make various essence with different functions into spherical particles, filiform flowers and other shapes, which are placed in slightly mile shaped transparent gel, which is not only crystal clear, fashionable and beautiful in appearance, Moreover, because it completely seals the essence and uses the conduction effect of active metal ions, it can recover the natural vitality of the skin and eliminate skin problems more quickly and effectively than ordinary cream skin care products. In consideration of the beauty of the paste, the designers chose the plexiglass material with good transparency, strong plasticity, the same hand feeling as glass and more solid, coupled with gold and silver bottle caps with high quality and gloss, which gave the crystal series cosmetics the connotation of luxury and fashion. Since the product was put on the market, it has been favored by young and middle-aged female consumers

the packaging of cosmetics needs to be protective, functional and decorative. The Trinity is the development direction of cosmetic packaging in the future

1. Fresh packaged cosmetics will occupy a considerable market

because manufacturers produce products without preservatives to meet customer needs. Manufacturers fill them in tiny containers so that customers can use them all at once. For example, many brands of essence use this packaging method. The price of this kind of cosmetics is too high to become a mainstream product in the market, but it is a symbol of the future fashion and luxurious lifestyle, so there will be a stable consumer base

2. Development and design of green packaging materials

many cosmetic manufacturers have begun to pay attention to environmental protection, and have also added environmental protection considerations to the selection of cosmetic packaging materials, considering whether these materials can be recycled, which is in line with the increasingly valued awareness of environmental protection

3. Multi layer plastic compounding technology

it can make multi-layer and different kinds of plastics compound together and form plastic at one time. You can choose any imaginable color and design all kinds of containers. With the multi-layer plastic forming technology, on the one hand, the plastic packaging can completely isolate light and air and avoid the oxidation of skin care products. On the other hand, by mixing different kinds of substances, it can obtain wonderful visual effects and unique hand feel in the appearance, and improve the flexibility of the hose

4. Vacuum packaging is quietly emerging

vacuum packaging can protect skin care products containing fat, rosin oil and vitamins. It has the advantages of strong protection and high resilience. Another important development direction of vacuum packaging is to highlight functionality, which is very important for less complex containers

5. Plastic bottles still occupy an important position

the advantages of plastic containers have always been light weight, strong and easy to produce. Through the efforts of chemists and plastic manufacturers, plastic products have achieved the transparent characteristics that only glass once had. In addition, PETG is easy to be dyed into various colors, and even after anti UV treatment, the transparency remains unchanged with the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China

on the whole, foreign cosmetics enterprises are more skilled than domestic enterprises in the design of outer packaging and the application of materials, and they are also more extensive and creative in the selection of materials. However, we believe that with the maturity of the market, the growth of domestic cosmetics enterprises, and the gradual enrichment of relevant materials and information resources, more Chinese local cosmetics enterprises will play an important role in the international cosmetics stage in the next two to three years

in the future, cosmetics packaging will advocate the green trend

it is reported that cosmetics in fresh-keeping packaging will occupy a considerable market in the future. The green trend will not only be reflected in the addition of natural raw materials, but also in the development and design of packaging materials

the so-called fresh-keeping products refer to disposable small packaging products. In order to prevent the rich nutrients from decaying rapidly due to secondary pollution in use, the manufacturer fills them in tiny containers and uses them up at one time, such as small glass bottles like Beijing royal jelly or small plastic containers like essence. Although this kind of cosmetics will not become the mainstream product in the market because of its high price, it is the symbol of the future fashion and luxurious lifestyle, so it will have a stable consumer base

the green trend is not only reflected in the addition of natural raw materials, but also in the development and design of packaging materials. In the future society, whether there is a strong awareness of environmental protection is the yardstick to measure the quality of a person and even a nation. When working, packaging designers will not only consider the publicity and protection of packaging materials, but also consider whether these materials can be simply recycled to the greatest extent. For example, if the lid of a bottle of lotion packaging bottle is made of plastic and aluminum, they should be separated through simple operation so that they can be recycled separately; After the solid powder content is used up, you can buy a simple powder core to replace it, so that the box can continue to be used; Although the packaging cartons covered with plastic film are bright and elegant, because they cannot be recycled, the manufacturers using this material will be considered by the public to be responsible for the human living environment; As the appearance of the product, the packaging box will also be marked "this packaging is made of recycled paper"

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