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Sulfuric acid titanium dioxide and chlorination titanium dioxide will coexist and develop

at present, 54% of the total production of titanium dioxide in the world is chlorination products, of which more than 80% are produced by DuPont, Coster, tenor and Huntsman. Titanium dioxide plants in other countries are still dominated by sulfuric acid. However, after years of efforts and continuous improvement, the product quality of sulfuric acid method has been comparable to that of chlorination method, which has always been committed to providing customers with excellent products, and can produce anatase titanium dioxide which is difficult to produce by chlorination method. The latter is difficult to replace rutile in papermaking, chemical fiber extinction, photocatalysis and other fields. Therefore, the chlorination method cannot completely replace the sulfuric acid method in a certain period of time. Li Jianbo pointed out that the vitality of the sulfuric acid method in the future mainly depends on the effect of the treatment of three wastes and the further improvement of environmental protection measures. Third, the establishment of utilization technology research centers and industrialization centers in Shanghai and Huaibei has good waste treatment effect and effective environmental protection measures, and the sulfuric acid method still has its vitality. How to innovate and upgrade the sulfuric acid production process is still of great significance. GH2132 alloy is based on 15Cr (2) 5Ni Fe

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