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Summary discussion, deployment and upgrading CIMC Lingyu held a summary meeting

summary discussion, deployment and upgrading CIMC Lingyu held a summary meeting

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on July 18, the 2014 CIMC Lingyu mid year summary meeting was grandly held in Conference Room 201 of the company. A total of more than 70 main leaders and project managers from branches, technology, sales and production departments participated in the mid year summary meeting. The company's general manager Liu Baoshan, executive deputy general manager Xu Zhiyu, chief financial officer Wang Changshuo and other senior leaders attended the summary meeting, which was presided over by the company's executive deputy general manager Xu Zhiyu

different from the mid year summary meeting in previous years, all regional managers of the sales system of the marketing company are specially invited to participate in this meeting this year. The purpose is to enable the front-line salesperson to timely and effectively understand the current business situation and future strategy of the company, and analyze and negotiate the problems in the sales process with the leaders of production, technology, management and other departments, And find the corresponding solution to reduce the fuel consumption of ge9x by more than 10%

at the meeting, Wang Changshuo, the company's chief financial officer, reported on the company's financial operation in the past six months. Mr. Wang believes that: internally, the sales proportion of each product type of the company has increased compared with previous years, and more importantly, the increase proportion of the absolute value of profits is relatively obvious; Externally, with the changes of market conditions, the company grasped the market peak in time, and various financial data of the company have improved to varying degrees. At the same time, Wang summarized the current financial data of the company and made a horizontal comparison in terms of time, products, market feedback, and the requirements that most of the competitors and group enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises. He gave a detailed interpretation in terms of sales, annual operation index proportion, management expenses, assets and liabilities, etc

performance appraisal is not only a link in the process of enterprise performance management, but also an important means, which plays a positive incentive role in guiding employees' work behavior and work performance. The company's system performance appraisal has been going on for more than half a year. At this summary meeting, zhangkunpeng, the performance appraisal specialist of the company's enterprise management department, reported on the company's performance management work in the past half a year. This performance report was carried out in the form of PPT. Through the classification of project names, digital scoring and other methods, it more intuitively and thoroughly analyzed the performance management scores of all departments of the company, including the leaders in charge, and played the role of analyzing objectives, discovering problems and improving problems. At the same time, the marketing company and the environmental sanitation Division will give a detailed explanation of their employment performance, sales target classification, regional market analysis, and sales expense analysis

it's better to retreat and tie the knot than to envy the fish. At the working meeting at the beginning of the year, the leaders of the company determined the management idea of the quality improvement year. Up to now, the quality year activity has achieved initial results. Wu Haitao, head of the quality control department, summarized and commented on the quality improvement activities of various departments of the company in the first half of 2014 at the semi annual summary meeting. Minister Wu believed that although the company encountered many difficulties and uncertainties in the implementation of the quality improvement year, we still achieved good results through the unremitting efforts of all colleagues. Although so far, we still have a lot of quality improvement work in progress, through nearly half a year of efforts, quality awareness has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and reflected in our daily work. Later, Minister Wu discussed and shared with you the achievements in quality improvement in the first half of the year, including many projects such as angle control of semi-trailer pump support, small parts production, semi-automatic assembly of mixer truck

At the end of the meeting, liubaoshan, general manager of the company, made a concluding speech. Before his speech, Mr. Liu watched a video introducing special machinery and equipment in Germany, which aroused great interest of the participants. Quoting this video, President Liu encouraged everyone: the special vehicle industry in which everyone here is engaged still has great prospects so far, and what we need to do is to maximize the functionality of special vehicle products on the existing basis. In this regard, China's special vehicle market still has great potential to be tapped. When talking about the development trend of the industry, President Liu gave his own opinion. President Liu believed that: with the domestic GDP growth becoming more and more stable, the development of the special vehicle market also showed a trend of normalization. In this environment, the operation of major enterprises in the industry is becoming more and more rational and cautious, which is both an opportunity and a challenge. We should seize the main market and work together to strengthen the development of other markets

then, President Liu made a comprehensive comment on the reporting work of each department, and deeply analyzed the reasons and contents behind the reporting data. In the first half of 2014, we won in 2016. The sales volume of various types of products was higher than the growth of the industry. The rectification of existing products of the technical system was basically in place. The product positioning of the environmental sanitation division was more clear, and the quality work also achieved initial results. However, it is undeniable that we are not allowed to attach other environmental stress to the tested products to interfere with our production safety, new product market development, personnel efficiency and basic management. We still face major problems. In the work of the second half of the year, the marketing company, production, technology, sanitation and other systems should formulate corresponding plans and measures according to the company's strategic planning for the coming years, allocate them to each year, each department and everyone, and strive to contribute to the long-term development of the company and the vehicle group

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