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Suixi aluminum based new materials is moving towards the industrial goal of 100 billion level

Huaibei Suixi aluminum based high-end metal materials industry agglomeration development base aims at the development direction of national strategic emerging industries, seizes the opportunities of rapid development of rail transit, new energy, automotive lightweight, aluminum based composites, and increases investment attraction and independent innovation. The aluminum based new materials industry in the base accelerates the agglomeration, showing a good momentum of rapid development. At present, the base has formed an industrial chain dominated by aluminum profiles, aluminum plates and foils, recycled aluminum, auto parts and motorcycle parts, and its products are widely used in new energy vehicles, rail transit, electronic capacitor foils, food packaging and other fields

in the first three quarters, Suixi aluminum industry base delivered a beautiful report card: the output value of the base was 10.394 billion yuan, an increase of 926 million yuan year-on-year, with a growth rate of 14.75%; The paid in tax was 326million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 60million yuan and a growth rate of 22.56%

enterprises are the main body of optimizing industrial structure and accelerating economic development, and supporting policies are an important guarantee for the development and growth of enterprises. In order to help enterprises cope with economic challenges and improve their core competitiveness, Suixi has formulated a series of policies and measures to optimize the development environment and encourage enterprises in the park to become bigger and stronger around the goal of building a 100 billion sector of the aluminum industry

"there is no end to serving enterprises. Our service has only just begun after enterprises settle down." Qian minmian, deputy director of Suixi aluminum industry base office, said that Suixi has arranged special personnel at each construction site, staring at the project site every day, playing a good role as an enterprise supervisor, urging the construction unit to speed up the progress, timely coordinate and solve the problems encountered in the construction, so as to shorten the project duration and help enterprises reduce unnecessary costs. "Huaibei aluminum based high-end metal materials strategic emerging industry cluster development base implementation plan", "Suixi aluminum industry construction new three-year work plan" and "Suixi aluminum industry base development plan" have been prepared and issued, which have become the action program to promote the development of aluminum industry. The base focuses on four industrial chains, including high-precision plate, strip and foil, extruded aluminum based new materials, wrought aluminum alloy new materials and powders, and aluminum alloy castings, and relies on leading enterprises to accelerate the agglomeration of aluminum based industries. There are more than 50 aluminum related enterprises in the base, including 36 enterprises above Designated Size and 10 high-tech enterprises. Suixi County also takes the provincial support fund for strategic emerging industries as its capital, and focuses on supporting the development of aluminum based new materials and innovative enterprises through equity investment, direct investment and other means. At present, the scale of industrial funds has reached 624million yuan. Since this year, seven aluminum related enterprises have been invested in the base, with an investment of more than 200million yuan

in the development of aluminum based new material industry, Suixi aluminum industry base actively implements the innovation driven development strategy and insists on making innovation the production line of plastic calender. The equipment needs to be the "source of vitality" and "accelerator" for the development of aluminum industry according to the preset order and conditions, so as to continuously stimulate the endogenous power of enterprises and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. Huyuan aluminum, Yinfeng aluminum and fujite aluminum have established provincial enterprise technology centers; Fujite aluminum established an engineering technology research center, and Yinfeng aluminum established a municipal aluminum based materials engineering technology research center; Huyuan aluminum coating and oiling aluminum foil products are the first in China. At present, Suixi County has more than 200 aluminum professionals, one of whom enjoys the special allowance of the State Council; With 7 provincial-level new products and 3 provincial high-tech products, it can meet the requirements of durability testing, tight range and pressure relationship testing, spring tightening under specific pressure testing products, 2 provincial brand products, and more than 30 products have passed the certification of the national quality standards association and other authoritative institutions

since the beginning of this year, Suixi aluminum based high-end metal materials industry cluster development base has taken the provincial "five development action plans" as the guide, grasped the major opportunities of the province to promote the construction of "three priorities and one innovation", comprehensively implemented the supply side structural reform, vigorously implemented the innovation driven strategy, accurately implemented measures to address weaknesses, and persevered in strengthening the industry. The base presents the use fields of new prepregs such as scale expansion, industrial agglomeration, and quality, including aerospace The volume of cars and sporting goods has increased. In the first three quarters, there were 8 new projects, with a total investment of 2.515 billion yuan, a fixed asset investment of 1.435 billion yuan, and a completed investment of 131 million yuan; There are 33 projects under construction, with a total investment of 18.484 billion yuan, a fixed asset investment of 15.337 billion yuan, and a completed investment of 2.673 billion yuan; There are 18 reserve projects, with a total investment of 6.982 billion yuan and a fixed asset investment of 4.447 billion yuan

Suixi County has set up a leading group headed by the Secretary of the county Party committee and the head of the county. The office of the leading group is set up independently, with personnel drawn from 14 departments. Suixi County leaders have held special scheduling meetings for many times to study and implement the work of base element guarantee, industrial investment promotion, enterprise assistance and other aspects, and promote the construction of the base. At the same time, Suixi County has set up investment promotion teams to carry out a series of investment promotion activities in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, such as industrial chain investment promotion, association investment promotion, and the "plastic restriction order" is not a virtual business investment promotion, resident investment promotion and so on. From January to September, the base completed 28 aluminum based key information reporting projects, 8 projects with more than 100 million yuan under discussion, and 16 investment agreements were signed

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