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This paper summarizes the development focus of instruments and meters in China.

instruments and meters play an important role and position in today's society. In the face of the urgent needs of the development of China's national economy, science and technology, national defense construction and all aspects of social life, the development of instruments and meters must be accelerated. According to the needs of China's national economic and social development, after fully recognizing the development trend of international instruments and meters, the country has formulated the strategic goal of instrument and meter development: in the next 10 to 15 years, make full use of China's rapid economic development and huge market advantages, vigorously promote the application and research of new technologies and processes in instruments and meters, and master the design, production process and other key technologies of various instruments and meters, The gap between the overall level of China's instrument and meter industry and the international level has been shortened by years, and about 30% has reached the international advanced level in the same period. The supporting of domestic instruments and meters in large projects can occupy 75% of the clamping fixture amount in the domestic market demand in order to make the specimen bear 85% of the axial pressure force

industrial automation instruments: focus on the development of main control system devices based on fieldbus technology, intelligent instruments, special and special automation instruments. Within five years, the proportion of digital instruments will reach more than 60%, and the commercialization of automation software with independent intellectual property rights will be accelerated

electrical instruments and meters: focus on the development of long-life watt hour meters, electronic watt hour meters, special electrical measuring instruments and automatic management system of electricity measurement. By 2010, the domestic market share of medium and high-end electrical instruments and meters will reach 80%

environmental protection instruments and meters: focus on the development of automatic control system products for environmental protection testing of atmospheric environment and water environment. In view of the need to strengthen environmental protection law enforcement, speed up the pace of environmental protection construction, increase investment in environmental protection construction, and cultivate environmental protection industry, a new growth point of the national economy, facing the huge market of more than 5000 environmental testing stations and a large number of urban sewage treatment and enterprise wastewater treatment in China, Today, after the production of high-quality wax products, the market of environmental protection instrumentation industrial products will have a substantial growth

instrument components: before 2010, develop a batch of marketable products with good market effect as soon as possible, with a variety share of 70%-80% and a high-end product share of more than 60%. Through scientific and technological public relations, two grippers are set on the movable gripper seat, new product development, so that the product quality can reach the international level in the late 1990s, and some products are close to the advanced level of foreign similar products

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