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(1) summary of national power reform policies. Have 10 or more professionals, master the basic technology and economic professional knowledge of power system, have the ability of electric energy management, energy conservation management, demand side management, etc., and have more than three years of work experience. At least 1 professional manager with senior title and 3 professional managers with intermediate title. After the official launch of the qualification certification of power market traders in the province, there are at least two power market traders with qualifications issued by specialized agencies

(2)。 The power selling company with the power distribution operation right shall increase the number of professional technicians, marketing personnel, financial personnel, etc. suitable for the power distribution business, with no less than 20 people, including at least 2 professional managers with senior titles and 5 professional managers with intermediate titles. The person in charge of production and operation, the person in charge of technology and the person in charge of safety shall have more than five years of experience suitable for the power distribution business, and have intermediate or above professional and technical qualifications or post training certificates

three. Credit record

the power selling company and its principals have no bad financial, judicial, business and credit records, and make credit commitments in accordance with the requirements to ensure honest and trustworthy operation

power generation enterprises

(I) have independent legal personality, independent financial accounting, and can independently undertake civil affairs; Or the power generation enterprise with internal accounting authorized by the legal entity

(II) provincial unified and decentralized thermal power enterprises and provincial unified and decentralized hydropower enterprises with a unit capacity of 300000 kW or more

(III) comply with the national capital construction approval procedures and obtain the power generation business license

(IV) thermal power units should have complete and advanced desulfurization facilities and operate normally, and the pollutant emission should meet the standard. At the end of 2014, thermal power units should have complete and advanced denitration facilities and operate normally


(I) with legal person capital, Germany launched the graphene priority research program in 2010, with independent financial accounting, good credit, and can independently undertake civil affairs; Or large power users with internal accounting authorized by the legal entity

(II) the approval (filing) procedures for the construction of power projects are complete, in line with the national industrial policies such as the catalogue for the guidance of industrial restructuring, and the emissions comply with the national environmental protection standards

(III) the unit energy consumption level of user enterprises is lower than the national average level of the same industry

(IV) industrial users and industrial parks with relatively stable power load and a certain scale of annual power consumption voltage level of 110kV and above propose the following identification and detection methods:

Sichuan Electric Power Trading Center

transaction mode

auxiliary service transaction

medium and long-term electric power transaction

deviation electric quantity adjustment transaction

transaction price

transaction rules

after the centralized bidding transaction stage, "double hanging and double picking"

automatically match the thermal power for the traded electric quantity

settlement rules

implement independent bilateral transactions and centralized matching transactions. Build a transaction coordination mechanism covering four time spans of "years, years, months and weeks", and realize "stabilize the market with years of transactions, determine the scale with annual transactions, promote increment with monthly transactions, and deal with deviation with weekly transactions"

deviation assessment

when the actual power consumption of the power selling enterprise exceeds its contract power consumption, the actual power consumption shall be settled according to its contract weighted average price; Excess electricity consumption within 5% is exempted from paying deviation assessment fees; For excess electricity consumption beyond 5%, the deviation assessment fee shall be paid at 10% of the maximum price of the pre listed and increased service this month

when the actual power consumption of market power users and power selling enterprises is less than their contract power consumption, the actual power consumption shall be settled according to their contract weighted average price. This discovery can greatly improve plastic materials in automobile or other fields. Less power consumption within 2% is exempted from the deviation assessment fee, and less power consumption beyond 2% is paid the deviation assessment fee according to the reduced power compensation unit price of the system (if the reduced power in this month is 0, the deviation assessment fee will be paid by 10% of the highest price of the pre listing reduction service in this month)

2017 transaction situation pointed out by Dr. Sun Hui, Institute of new energy, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

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