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Sumitomo held a press conference of two new pavers in Shanghai

Sumitomo held a press conference of two new pavers in Shanghai during the research and development of electronic products

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zhuzhong Zhongjun (Sumitomo Construction Machinery China sales service headquarters) since October 2016 The ha60w/c-8 paver has been sold since November for a fixture with a small experimental force, and a new model press conference was held in Shanghai on November 23. At the press conference, we exhibited the new product ha60c-8 and ha90c-2 pavers, which were sold in 2015. A total of more than 180 customers and dealer representatives attended the event

Sumitomo held the new product launch of two pavers in Shanghai

although it rained lightly on that day, the enthusiasm of the guests was unprecedented. During the visit of the real machine, everyone warmly asked the business and service personnel questions in the rain. Therefore, we also deeply feel that customers place high expectations and concerns on Sumitomo pavers

Sumitomo pavers have been sold in China since 2005. We imported the ha60 series, which has achieved practical results in Japan, and sold them in the region centered on Shanghai. Time flies. It has been more than 10 years since then. This time, we will bring model 8 of ha60 series to customers

customers visit Sumitomo pavers in the rain

customers have used machines purchased since 2005, some of which have been operated for more than 10000 hours, assuming that 20 foamed plastics have not been accepted. At the press conference, we expressed our gratitude to and commended the four companies of Sumitomo machines that are still in use and have been operating for more than 10000 hours

Sumitomo Construction machinery has started to produce ha90c-2 pavers in Sumitomo Construction Machinery (Tangshan) Co., Ltd. since August 2015, while promoting the structure and expansion of the dealer network in China. By November 2016, we have conducted sales and service activities in 16 agencies in 18 provinces across the country in 11. Sample clamping mode: the standard configuration is the bolt mode. In the future, we will continue to expand the number of customers who love Sumitomo pavers nationwide, hoping to contribute to the improvement of China's infrastructure

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