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Suirui technology group appeared at the 2019 international audiovisual integrated equipment and technology exhibition

from September 4 to 6, 2019, the second China (Chengdu) International audiovisual integrated equipment and Technology Exhibition (Infocomm China, hereinafter referred to as: Infocomm China Chengdu Station) was held in the new international convention and Exhibition Center of Chengdu Century City. As the world's leading operator of artificial intelligence and communication cloud products, suirui Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as: suirui) was invited to participate in this event

infocomm China is one of the most important professional audio-visual and ICT exhibitions in the Asia Pacific region. Suirui and more than 100 well-known enterprises from home and abroad gathered in Chengdu to share the grand event. During this period, suirui showed its leading video communication cloud products, including video communication cloud convergence solutions such as global video cloud conference, video cloud + edge computing, video cloud + integrated command and scheduling platform, and national industrialized video communication platform, as well as industrial inspection intelligent robots embedded in communication cloud engine, so that visitors can personally feel and experience the working mode changes brought about by the innovative application of video communication cloud and artificial intelligence

video communication opens the cloud era

the emergence of video communication cloud has overturned the construction idea of traditional video communication system, overturned the traditional way of communication and cooperation between people, significantly reduced the threshold of professional and systematic communication for all kinds of organizations and individual users, and allowed enterprises to break the limitations of traditional video communication such as time, space, equipment, etc., and focus on their own core business

at the exhibition site, the video conference intelligent office experience area created by suirui attracted a large number of visitors with professional video conference equipment and high-definition visual presentation

global video cloud conference

suirui focuses on the video cloud conference system. Its unique cloud + mobile design realizes full scene, full device, full compatibility, cloud conference, and brings a new collaborative communication experience to government and enterprise units and all walks of life

when the same sample is subjected to impact tests at high to low temperatures,

any terminal used by users, PCs, pads, conference room systems, etc. can realize full scene cloud meetings, so that the new collaboration mode of cloud sharing cloud collaboration cloud video communication gradually penetrates into the user group, and global video communication collaboration can be carried out anytime, anywhere

intelligent conference collaboration

in the process of video communication, people on both sides need not only to be able to have a video conversation, but also often need local and remote collaboration. Suirui's attention smart touch board (attention board), video collaboration, touch whiteboard, all in one are all done. It has a 55 inch 4K large screen, an integrated touch fuselage, and a built-in eye-catching video communication cloud to meet the meeting needs to a greater extent. Ten points high sensitive touch, gesture zoom/erase, let you write freely, creative burst

video cloud hardware + edge computing

if 3G and 4G are the era of cloud computing, then 5g is the era of edge computing. Suirui video cloud hardware + edge computing production demand product portfolio, in-house deployment, can achieve node sinking, and greatly reduce enterprise export bandwidth and conference data maintenance costs. The intelligent complementarity of edge computing and cloud computing can effectively solve the problems of second on and time delay in video playback, and provide enterprises with better video communication experience and communication quality

video cloud + converged applications, breaking the collaborative boundary

at present, the information infrastructure is being reconstructed, and the infrastructure of future communication will also be reconstructed. Naturally, the video communication cloud will not be absent. Suirui video cloud can accelerate the integration with video conferencing, comprehensive social governance, smart party building, smart education, telemedicine, security monitoring, command and scheduling, industrial intelligent manufacturing and other industries, greatly expanding the application field of video communication cloud

video cloud + integrated command and scheduling

at the exhibition site, suirui simulated the application scenario of video command connection in reality, and showed the audience the powerful video full terminal and cross system interoperability and integration capabilities of suirui video scheduling platform

suirui video cloud platform can connect and integrate command and scheduling systems, monitoring systems, various smart city systems, and related communication terminals, giving it powerful real-time audio and video communication capabilities, realizing video direct attack on the scene, expert remote guidance, anytime and anywhere emergency linkage, and efficient command and scheduling

video cloud + national production video communication

in recent years, network information security incidents have occurred frequently, seriously threatening the interests and safety of the country and the people. Realizing self-control is an important condition to ensure China's network and national security. Suirui at this conference focused on the safe, reliable, self-control national production video communication solutions and national production video communication terminals

suirui meeting is the first video communication cloud solution in the industry to pass the dual certification of Feiteng Kirin localization system. Every line of source code is firmly in your own hands; Every core data runs on domestic equipment; Every communication is protected by state secret algorithm

industrial inspection intelligent robot

suirui, as a leading operator of artificial intelligence and communication cloud products, has two main channel businesses: artificial intelligence and communication cloud. The biggest achievement of suiruitong Erdogan is to end the chaos in Turkey's political arena. By integrating AI technology into the test experiment of printing ink layer wear resistance, PS plate photosensitive layer wear resistance and surface coating wear resistance of related products, the communication cloud engine is embedded into the intelligent robot carrier as a standard component, which can make the robot unified, standardized, efficient, easy to maintain Low cost communication cloud core capabilities

as soon as the suirui indoor inspection robot in this exhibition appeared, it attracted many spectators for consultation. Indoor inspection robot can be used in power distribution room, relay protection room, data center and other scenes, and can realize full-automatic inspection, AI voice interaction, identity recognition and trend warning

as an important international stage, Infocomm China Chengdu station brings together outstanding enterprises in the field of audio and video from all over the world. Suirui's on-site display of video communication cloud products and services, video communication integration application solutions, and suirui's industrial inspection intelligent robot attracted many Chinese and foreign visitors to stop to visit and negotiate

in the future, as an innovation driven operator of artificial intelligence and communication cloud products, suirui will not only provide office collaboration video communication cloud products and services, help enterprises reduce travel costs and improve communication efficiency, but also more deeply integrate into the business processes of industry users, bringing innovative business applications and service models to more and more enterprises

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about suirui Technology Group

suirui Technology Group is an innovation driven operator of artificial intelligence and communication cloud products. It is famous in the field of enterprise interconnection for many years and serves more than 500000 government and enterprise customers. We are committed to making every organization, office and family enjoy fast AI and communication cloud products and services

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