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For prospective owners who intend to carry out home decoration, the decoration experience of predecessors can be used for reference, especially when facing some difficult choices. For example, the bottom line is to choose a major decoration company or a good construction team; Design is to listen to the designer, or adhere to their own opinions; Are the building materials found at the Group Purchase Fair really cheap

first, before home decoration, we must have a detailed idea, and don't be led by the designer. After all, the owner still needs to think more about the house he lives in, how to place the furniture, how to use various functions conveniently, etc

second, it is better to select a good construction team than a big decoration company. For the owners of half contract, the contracts signed with the decoration company are finally implemented by their subordinate construction teams, and a construction team is often affiliated with multiple decoration companies. Therefore, it is much more reliable to choose a construction team with good construction quality, serious and responsible contractor and good worker character than to choose a famous decoration company, Of course, we have to do enough homework. By the way, I'll tell you that the construction team of the decoration company can also be designated by you. For the construction team introduced by acquaintances or acquaintances, it is recommended not to use it, which is likely to cost money and the construction effect is not good

III. after the start of home decoration, no matter how busy you are every day, you must go to the construction site once a day. If you find problems and solve them every day, you must be prepared mentally. During the decoration period, you must insist on going to the decoration site once a day. Don't be lazy because you trust the designers, supervisors and construction teams

fourth, for the group purchase meeting, you should do your homework in advance, and be aware of the price of things you want to buy and the usual discounts, so as to avoid being infected by the atmosphere on the scene when you arrive at the group purchase meeting. You can't wait to make a deposit and decide on something that is actually not affordable. I made such a mistake when I first attended the group purchase meeting

v. you must have a clear budget for all the decoration materials you want to purchase. You must know which is light and which is important. If a exceeds B, the cost of decoration will not exceed too much. Don't believe the nonsense of one-time arrival. Family decoration can never be achieved at one time. Besides, people also have aesthetic fatigue. Don't spend unnecessary money on those so-called one-time arrival

VI. it's best to buy furniture if you can. After all, the things made by decoration companies are not cheap, and there is a big difference between hand-made furniture and factory produced furniture in terms of design and aesthetics. When it comes to solid durability and environmental protection, I believe there will be no problem with choosing a better board

when decorating the home, there are still some details to pay attention to:

1. The water and electricity of the whole house must go again. The developer is a profiteer. I believe that the owners who have been decorated have a deep understanding. For the sake of their long-term residence, they still believe that what they buy is always more reliable than what they develop and use




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