Perfect mix and match of red and white colors in t

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The living room appeared ~ ~ in order to show off the crystal lamp I "coveted" for a long time, I turned on the lamp, which seems to be too bright ~ ~ the ground is 600*600 light color floor tile plum blossom oblique shop, and the Red Mosaic inlaid in the middle injects passion and dynamic design elements into the whole space ~ ~ ~ anyway, my relatives and friends who have been to my home say that this brick is well paved ~ ~ ~ this is the wisdom of the designer ~ ~

the TV background wall is also a big attraction of my home, It adopts leather brick + Red Art Glass ~ ~ ~ a square top surface is made above the chandelier. Is there some gorgeous tone with my crystal lamp in the shape of oil mixed wooden diamond pattern ~ ~ the bright and thick red shows a joyful spirit. One side of the leather brick is also inlaid with red mosaic, which is consistent with the overall design style ~ ~ the TV cabinet, double bed, bedside table, dining table and chair are all uniformly ordered ~ ~ pure white, it's right at a glance ~ ~ how can red and white match so well




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