New Dihao factory meeting on August 19

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On August 19, the new Dihao doors and windows held a monthly plant wide meeting

on August 19, new Dihao doors and windows held a monthly general meeting of the whole plant

at the meeting, general manager Wang, the marketing director, summed up the work of last month: the new products launched in July are promising in the market and have sufficient orders. All salesmen are also working hard in the front line to promote the market. Thank brother departments for working overtime to catch up with orders

General manager Wang made a work summary

Xu yongxiong, manager of the marketing department, also summarized the production situation of last month and made a deployment for the production work of next month. He stressed that even if you are busy, you should also pay attention to all details and maintain the previous high efficiency and quality

At the meeting, the company rewarded excellent employees in August, including Lai Jiyi from the logistics department, Zhang Caiying from the material control department and Huang Zhenping from the administration department

president Wang presented awards to excellent employees

the company also gives birthday gifts to employees whose birthdays are in August

group photo of birthday stars in August

"things are light and feelings are heavy". The small gifts contain the company's care and love for employees. The award-winning excellent employees and birthday stars all expressed their gratitude to the company

the award ceremony is over, and the meeting is over





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