Tucson integrated woodwork Zhenjiang exhibition ha

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On January 24, a feast to encounter vision and food --- Tucson 2018 year-end party was held at Shengzhou international Paul intercontinental hotel

a landscape city

half of the Jiangnan poems

the famous city Zhenjiang has a long history

and the Tucson Zhenjiang exhibition hall sits on this city

is also a beautiful place

the entrance hall, accompanied by elegance, deduces the most exciting beauty

the quiet and elegant tone is like the white shed by the silver glow, adding the extraordinary charm of light luxury to the modern city with elegant texture

round hall, encounter Hermes orange, and stir up the senses of life

there is a touch of unrestrained orange in the introverted round hall, which is full of fashionable and modern temperament, and shows the charm of temptation. The relaxed circular arc wood facing design controls the design of the round hall very well

the wood veneer design of high-grade gray is inlaid with exquisite classical metal lines, which makes the background visual sense of the whole living room so light, luxurious and elegant

the full integration of fireplace, flowers, lighting, tea table and other elements creates an elegant and exquisite fashion style

the introverted and self-contained high-grade gray, combined with modern and simple line decoration, will create a bright and lively living room in the living room, bringing residents a low-key, refined, rational and delicate life

Western restaurants taste elegance and enjoy life

the neoclassical design is so simple and straightforward, exquisite and wonderful, not only modern, but also contains retro elegance. Enjoy delicious food and beautiful scenery in this rich and elegant environment, and feel a good mood at the same time

the luxurious and elegant stair wood veneer spirals up with the shape of the stair, and the low lightness thick ink and heavy color tone improves the style of the space, and the aesthetic feeling it shows suppresses the aura of the whole space

restaurant, the intersection of romantic food and comfortable life

the simple and atmospheric dining side cabinet is also very practical for decoration. The novel modeling wood veneer is a mix of classic and fashion, and the calm dining table also keeps the elegance of the restaurant in mind

the neat and beautiful wine lattice cabinet, slender and exquisite, brings sufficient sensory enjoyment to the residents, integrates in the metal space, and combines with modern life elements to open your fashionable style life at any time

in the study, the comfort and cultural sense of the new generation coexist

when the modern desk is combined with the contemporary oriental traditional temperament, the cultural momentum of the study is called out, and the edges are hooked with metal lines. The exquisite bookcase is instantly full of elegance and fashion




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