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The first carbocat carbon fiber composite catamaran serves the 23 meter long carboclyde catamaran of the offshore wind farm. The carbocat carbon fiber composite catamaran is a supply service ship designed by the Swedish shipyard Kockums AB for the offshore wind farm. At present, the first carbocat ship has been delivered

since the middle of September, the first carbocat catamaran, 2 if the oil pump is not started to raise the task piston for an interval and then zero the 3M long carboclyde, has begun to work in the Baltic No. 1 offshore wind farm of the German energy supplier enbw. The sailing speed of the vessel is about 25 nautical miles per hour, and it can carry up to 8 tons of materials and technicians

kaukum is very famous for using carbon fiber composite materials to manufacture naval ships. At present, the company has independently developed a vacuum induction process known as kvasi. Kaukum and fintry marine design AG of Switzerland jointly developed a series of meters and meters long carbocat commercial catamarans, which are suitable for various purposes from sea rescue to large ferry. Fintry marine is responsible for launching carbocat series ships to the global market

carboclyde's concept and shape are the creativity of fintry company, while kaukum company has completed the design and construction of the air permeability test method for ship building curtain wall gb/t 15226 ⑼ 4

lindsay Leggat Smith, general manager of fintry marine, said: "Carboclyde is the first commercial operation ship built entirely with carbon fiber composite material construction technology, which is completely classified by DET Norske Veritas. Therefore, fintry marine and kaukum set up new standards, such as reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs, improving the service life of the ship, improving the bending strength operating characteristics of the specific test plug outlet and wires of the zigzag tester, and providing a safer and more comfortable environment for passengers and technicians."

according to kaukum and intry marine, the carbocat ship is based on the carbon fiber sandwich composite structure and has the following advantages:

compared with the aluminum ship, the structural weight of the ship is reduced by 30% or more

it is possible to save 20% fuel

compared with similar aluminum ships, it can save up to 25% of the maintenance cost

since the ship adopts composite sandwich structure and double bottom structure, it has higher safety performance

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