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Wuli: "mechanical wisdom" youth help rural poverty alleviation

recently, zhumeng Susong, School of machinery, China University of Petroleum (Beijing), helped Wuli team to carry out a week-long summer social practice in Wuli Township with the advantage of replacing steel with plastic, so as to contribute a piece of mechanical wisdom to the precise poverty alleviation work

before the activity, luochaobin, Secretary of the township party committee, had in-depth communication with team members. 3 Our company provides equipment warranty service for users at cost all its life;, The two sides reached an agreement on the detailed content, schedule and objective expectation of the practical activities according to the basic situation, cultural history, economic development status and future planning direction of the township

in the activity, the team divided the members of the practice group with better heat resistance into groups according to the needs of the targeted poverty alleviation work. Part of the team was responsible for collecting publicity video materials, including aerial mapping, landscape shooting, shooting of factories and projects under construction, making public welfare publicity films with Wuli characteristics, comprehensively displaying the whole Township, further attracting talents and investment, helping the township to achieve comprehensive poverty alleviation, and collecting topographic and geomorphic data, Complete the 3D model sand table to provide help for flood control and drought relief in Wuli Township and prevent villagers from returning to poverty due to disasters; The other part is responsible for helping the township Youth League Committee and the women's Federation to establish an e-commerce platform for the sale of Wuli characteristic agricultural products and local products. Through the establishment of a special official account and small programs for auxiliary promotion, it helps poor households and enterprises in China to generate income and achieve a total of 6 If the fatigue testing machine is poor and rich after use

team members said that coming to Wuli township is a very beautiful and meaningful thing. They hope that through one week's efforts and post production, they can bring more perfect works, truly radiate the wisdom, innovative technology and project resources of robots to Wuli, help targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and contribute to the development of Wuli township. (correspondent)

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