The hottest five forestry industry projects signed

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On the morning of June 30, Luzhai County, Guangxi Province held a centralized signing ceremony for the projects in June 2020, signing a total of 5 projects, including 4 projects above 100 million. The signing of the project will further accelerate the development of forestry industry in Luzhai County, which is of great significance to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, optimize industrial structure, extend the industrial chain, and promote the high-quality economic and social development of Luzhai county

the five projects signed this time involve high-end furniture boards, forest processing equipment, forest glue matching, rotary cutting base and other fields. The total investment of 5 means that the "green" development tone of the industry will be further strengthened 400million. They are the future competition of Shandong qiansen Wood Industry Group Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 100000 tons of environmental adhesive and 130million sheets of impregnated paper, the forest processing and production equipment project of Qingdao shuoxin Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the annual output and sales of 3000 sets of veneer rotary cutting equipment and 500 sets of high-speed non card shaft intelligent production line project of Shandong Xuanjin Machinery Co., Ltd., and the high-end furniture board project of Feixian Ruixing Wood Industry Co., Ltd, Supporting project of rotary cutting base of Guangxi pansen decorative materials Co., Ltd

Wangyi, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and head of the county, said in a speech that the enterprises signed this contract are well-known enterprises in the industry according to the new national standard inspection contents and project requirements provided by the national fire protection building materials quality supervision and inspection center, with strong strength, advanced ideas and advanced technology. The contracted projects play a role of supplementing the chain and gathering groups. These enterprises conform to the guidance of national industrial policies, conform to the vision of enterprises and local development, help our county further optimize the industrial structure, promote the circular economy, and are of great significance to our county to achieve economic and social transformation and upgrading

Wang Yi said that our county will actively provide the best quality service for the project construction, create the most superior environment and escort the project construction with the greatest sincerity and efforts based on the cooperation principle of "equality, mutual trust, mutual benefit and common development". It is hoped that the contracted enterprises can accelerate the project construction and strive to start, complete and put into operation as soon as possible

guoyongsheng, chairman of Shandong qiansen Wood Industry Group Co., Ltd., delivered a speech as an enterprise representative, and expressed his deep feeling that as long as he learned how to install, he would know how to dismantle the product, which was affected by the development and changes of Luzhai and the high-quality business environment, and he was full of confidence in the investment and development of Luzhai. The company will give full play to its own advantages, actively connect, strive to put into operation as soon as possible, make positive contributions to the economic and social development of Luzhai, and achieve win-win development

chenbo, member of the Standing Committee of Luzhai county Party committee and deputy county head, presided over the meeting. Liweiming, deputy county head, signed cooperation agreements with representatives of five enterprises respectively. County leaders chenguobin, zhuyanwen, Zhang Ran and Zhang Jianhua attended the ceremony on the same day

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