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The first glass trading platform helps Shahe glass industry take off

Shahe is the largest glass distribution center in China, with an annual output value of about 16billion yuan. In 2012, Shahe sold 13.65 million weight boxes of glass through e-commerce, accounting for 13% of the city's total glass sales; The total e-commerce transactions of ABS materials in the glass industry in the city in the traditional field reached 750million yuan, an increase of 25% year-on-year. Among them, the total sales of key glass enterprises through e-commerce is 600million yuan, the sales of small and medium-sized glass enterprises through e-commerce is more than 90million yuan, and the total amount of glass production equipment and materials purchased by the glass industry through e-commerce platform is more than 60million yuan

China's first affordable glass trading platform will be launched soon

on the morning of April 23, I came to Shahe glass Baba Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. and saw the Chinese glass trading platform under commissioning

"this is the product display, this is the supply and demand information, this is the market trend..." Yi Pingping, general manager of glass Baba Information Technology Service Co., Ltd

China's first glass trading platform that can realize payment can not rise in Shahe without the advantages of the glass industry here. As early as March 19, 2011, Shahe established glass Baba, a leading e-commerce network platform engaged in glass trade in Xingtai, to provide the release and search of glass information resources, transaction supply and demand. At present, more than 8000 members have settled in, with a daily click rate of more than 8000 times, and more than 500 updated resources published every day. "Most of our foreign trade customers are connected through the Internet." Heguangping, head of the Sales Department of Hebei jihengyuan Industrial Group Co., Ltd., which is engaged in the export of a large number of glass products, said

however, from a national perspective, the functions of e-commerce stations in the glass industry are limited to information release and order placing, and the most important transactions, logistics and other links still need to be carried out offline. "China glass trading platform solves this problem." Yi Ping said. "The online operation of China's glass trading platform has broken the mode of online conversation and offline transaction, and filled the gap that e-commerce in the glass industry cannot pay and trade." Said wanghongbin, director of Shahe Municipal Bureau of Commerce

it is reported that with the development of Internet technology and application, glass bar scientists have developed biodegradable materials that can print orthopaedic implants in 3D. The member units of glass bar are no longer satisfied with the way that the buyer or the seller receive information in one direction, but are eager to realize online transactions, from one-to-one interaction between the buyer and the seller to one-to-many and many to many rapid interaction

on July 6 last year, the international business information center of the Provincial Department of Commerce held a signing ceremony for the cooperation of China Glass spot electronic trading platform with Sabah Glass Group (glass Baba). The two sides will cooperate to build China's first glass trading platform that can realize payment - "China glass trading platform". On January 22 this year, glass Baba signed a station development agreement with the China e-commerce information center of the Ministry of Commerce

the platform aims at spot trading and is characterized by a third-party public platform integrating transaction system, payment system (bank supervision), warehousing and logistics services, settlement and delivery system, financing services and information services. The development of more diversified high-performance 3D printing materials with independent intellectual property rights is a key factor in the development of this technology. At present, the development of this platform station has been completed and is undergoing operation and commissioning. It is expected to be officially put into operation in May

in order to better serve e-commerce enterprises, Shahe city established an e-commerce service center at the end of 2012. In addition, the implementation opinions of Shahe City on promoting the development of e-commerce has been drafted and is currently in the process of soliciting opinions. Next, Shahe City will accelerate the cultivation of a number of e-commerce leading backbone enterprises with strong economic strength, new business model and core competitiveness, encourage enterprises to cooperate deeply with e-commerce service platforms, deepen enterprise application level and expand e-commerce application space

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