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On May 29, the world's first 2.5/3.0 MW ultra compact (SCD) wind turbine was successfully rolled off the production line in Mingyang Industrial Park, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. As a national key industry undertaken by Guangdong Mingyang wind power industry group (hereinafter referred to as Mingyang wind power), the above is our revitalization and transformation project during the installation of universal experimental machine fixture. The successful offline of this dual-purpose wind turbine will break the bottleneck of domestic offshore wind power generation technology above 3MW level, and accelerate the localization of China's large-scale wind turbine equipment Drive the development of offshore wind power industry, which determines that "I" has low temperature resistance and impact resistance, which is of special significance

the world's first 3MW ultra compact plastic bag is still in the farmers' market, and the flood type fan is offline in Zhongshan, Guangdong

breaking through a number of wind power technology bottlenecks

it is understood that SCD (super compact drive) wind turbine was developed and designed by Mingyang wind power and German aerodyn company for three years, specifically for the characteristics of offshore and offshore wind power. The drive chain of this amphibious semi direct drive fan is composed of main bearing, two-stage planetary gear and medium speed permanent magnet synchronous generator. The gear box is a medium speed gear box, which is integrated with the generator as a whole, and its weight is nearly 1/3 lighter than that of the double fed model with the same capacity. The gearbox avoids the disadvantages of high failure rate of the traditional high-speed gearbox, and the generator is much smaller than the traditional machine, but the low-voltage ride through energy retains the unnecessary power dissipation and electrical support capacity of 20% recovery and 18% reduction. Zhangchuanwei, chairman of Mingyang wind power, said

according to Zhang Chuanwei, this fan adopts a two blade design, which has advantages over the three blade design in weight and efficiency. At the same time, during the installation of offshore wind turbines, the two blade wind turbines can be directly assembled and hoisted on board, which is more suitable for the construction and development of large-scale offshore wind turbines in China. Dr. caorenjing, vice president of Mingyang wind power and President of Guangdong wind power equipment research institute, told that due to the adoption of many advanced technologies such as permanent magnet semi direct drive modular design, this fan has a compact structure and small volume, and the cost is more than 20% lower than that of traditional units with the same capacity

at present, the special production workshop for scd3.0 MW wind turbines in Mingyang Industrial Park is under construction. It will be officially put into use in August this year, and the annual output will reach 300 sets after it is put into operation. Zhangchuanwei told China Energy News

collective signing with six enterprises

at the site of the offline ceremony, Mingyang wind power held a signing ceremony with six enterprises, including signing the strategic cooperation agreement with Huaneng New Energy Industry Holding Co., Ltd; Signed strategic agreement on leasing business cooperation with ICBC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. and Huadian Group New Energy Co., Ltd

we have wind farms in 16 provinces and municipalities (autonomous regions) across the country, and about 10 provinces and municipalities (autonomous regions) use the wind turbines of Mingyang wind power. Zhaoshiming, general manager of Huaneng New Energy Industry Holding Co., Ltd., told China Energy News. He believes that the offline of this scd3.0 MW wind turbine is a milestone in China's wind power equipment manufacturing industry. In addition to offshore wind power, this wind turbine may also become the main model of onshore wind power in the future

the Longyuan Jiangsu Rudong intertidal test wind farm under Guodian group, which also generated power in October last year, is the world's first offshore intertidal test wind farm. The two offshore 1.5MW wind turbines used in this wind farm are from Mingyang wind power

6 MW wind turbines will be rolled out in the first quarter of next year

in addition to the scd3.0 MW wind turbines rolled out this time, Mingyang wind power is also stepping up the research and development of this type of 6 MW wind turbines. Zhangchuanwei said to that the 6MW wind turbine is expected to be offline in the first quarter of next year

in an interview with China Energy News, Li miaojuan, director of Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that Mingyang wind power plays an important role in the development of new energy industry in Guangdong Province. At present, Guangdong Province is promoting the preparation of the 12th Five Year Plan for new energy industry, and the planning for the development of wind power and other new energy industry chains will be an important part of it

zhangchuanwei said that Mingyang wind power will take SCD products as the core, devote itself to developing multi megawatt offshore wind turbines, and establish itself as an international provider of overall solutions for wind energy development and utilization in the next three years. In terms of the core technology of SCD fans, we share intellectual property rights with aerodyn company in Germany. We have the ability to control intellectual property rights, and SCD fans are only produced by Mingyang wind power. Zhangchuanwei told me

form a competitive pattern of offshore wind power

not long ago, the first round of bidding for offshore wind power concession projects in China was officially launched. It is understood that the first round of concession bidding has selected two 300000 kW offshore wind farms and two 200000 kW tidal flat wind farms, mainly located in Jiangsu and Shandong provinces

at the end of April this year, China's first offshore wind farm demonstration project and the first large offshore wind farm in Asia, Shanghai Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm, the first batch of 6 wind turbines were merged. Last March, Sinovel Wind Power Co., Ltd. installed China's first 3MW wind turbine at Donghai Bridge wind farm. Industry experts believe that after the scd3.0 MW wind turbine of Mingyang wind power is offline, a new competition pattern will be formed in the bidding of the first round of offshore wind power concession project, which will effectively alleviate the previous expensive offshore wind power development costs and the criticized quality of wind turbine equipment

it is understood that the Xuwen offshore wind farm in Zhanjiang, Guangdong is the first offshore wind power demonstration project in South China. It has been listed as a provincial key construction project in 2009 by the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission. It is jointly constructed by Mingyang wind power and Guangdong Yuedian group. It is planned to start this year. It is not known whether scd3.0 MW wind turbines will be used in the wind farm

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