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The first "drilling robot" is used in key wells. There is no need to worry about pushing the drilling tools and squeezing hands and wrestling. Robots are all on the drill floor. Will our drillers be laid off in the future. On November 20, the operating environment of North China Wupu 508 was also relatively poor. On the rig floor of well Jinzhong 1, the key well constructed by drilling crew 79, workers talked about the newly installed drilling platform operating robots curiously

in order to better complete the task of well Jinzhong 1, Huabei Wupu purchased the first drilling robot and installed it at the wellhead of the drill floor. Its mechanical arm can rotate 360 degrees and extend 3 meters. The driller can easily complete the procedures of loading drill pipe, throwing drill pipe, tripping and discharging drill collars through an 8-key remote control, which can not only reduce the labor intensity of the driller, but also improve the work efficiency and enhance the safety factor

On the 22nd, Jinzhong 1 well was tripped out. The assistant driller holds the remote control, which is among the best in the domestic organic fluorine industry and fluorosilicone new material industry in terms of comprehensive competitiveness. Press the forward, hold, back, turn left, turn right, release and other function keys, and the robot stretches the mechanical arm. All kinds of actions are done at one go, which makes the drillers on the drill floor happy to close their mouths. Especially when pulling out the drill collar, the original four drillers pushed hard, but now one can easily do it with the remote control

remote control robot. Every floormen 4. We often use No. 20, No. 35 or No. 45 seamless steel pipe material to make the unit. We must learn it during operation. It will be our good helper. The staff said

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