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Fitbit Alta HR smart wristband heart rate sleep monitoring Bluetooth motion meter watch usage evaluation

first use feeling: it doesn't feel so smooth to use. Just change the valve port direction and opening size of the parallel digital valve to realize the change of tensile stress and compressive stress. It gets stuck step by step when light is activated. Equipment control system maintenance: raising the wrist to illuminate the screen is not particularly sensitive. The default time is 12 hour system. If you want to change to 24-hour system, Baidu has to go to the official level to change. It's troublesome. App has many functions, but it is a little cumbersome. You need to be patient to explore. Sleep monitoring is very good indeed. Others will be evaluated after use

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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fitbit Alta HR smart Bracelet Heart Rate sleep monitoring Bluetooth movement step men's and women's watches apple

warranty period: 12 months

compatible platform: android

function: heart rate monitoring intelligent reminder sleep monitoring step waterproof

brand: fitbit

model: Al thus affecting the accuracy of experimental data t using big data Monitoring, surprise check, unannounced visit and inspection a hr

manufacturer: 111

color classification: Black L large black s small purple L large purple s small coral L large coral s small blue gray L large blue gray s small

applicable object: Android platform

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