The hottest Five Big Mac excavators marry Russia a

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Taizhong 5 "Big Mac" excavators "married" Russia again

Taizhong 5 "Big Mac" excavators "married" Russia again

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as the New Year bell of 2017 is about to ring, Good news came from the mining equipment branch of Taizhong group: the branch and the Russian polar gold company recently signed a supply contract for two 20m3 and three 35m3 large mining excavators with a total value of nearly 300million yuan with the project to break through many major technical difficulties in the manufacturing of modified high molecular materials. Among them, the 20m3 excavator is the first time to enter the Russian market

the above two models have always been too heavy fist products. The five "Big Macs" exported to Russia this time are upgraded versions of the original models, which not only draw on the successful experience of Taizhong group in manufacturing mining excavators over the years, but also adopt a large number of domestic advanced design, process, manufacturing and AC control technologies if the samples between the two clamps can maintain the same elongation and assume that they are 500%, Including the latest air purification and dust removal system; Siemens S120 AC frequency conversion system; It is especially worth mentioning that polar gold company is located at the edge of Siberia and the annual temperature is minus 40 ℃ or 50 ℃. This model is equipped with an innovative version of lubricating oil and gas pipeline system and heat tracing and insulation device for the local extremely cold weather, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment under extremely cold conditions. Other technical performances have reached the leading level in the same industry in the world. According to the contract requirements, four of the five products will be delivered in 2017, and the last one will also be shipped in early 2018

it is understood that Russia has favored heavy excavator products for 7 years. As early as October 2010, taiheavy 35m3 excavator was exported to Russia for the first time. After nearly half a year of installation and commissioning, it was officially put into use in July the following year. Since then, the equipment has been tested for many times under harsh conditions, and it has been proved that the heavy products have reached the world-class level in terms of quality and performance. To this end, the Russian side held a grand ribbon cutting ceremony for the aircraft in bachatsky, Belovo City, komalovo Prefecture, on September 7 that year. After the ceremony, the Russian side made it clear that it would buy four large excavators again, and all of them would choose products that are too heavy for China. In december2011, the Russian side officially signed a contract with Taizhong to import four 35m3 excavators

Taizhong is the largest excavator R & D, production and manufacturing base in the world. Since the 1980s, it has produced a total of more than 1400 excavators, including hundreds of oversized mining excavators with more than 20 cubic meters. At present, excavators with heavy production have occupied a high market share in the domestic market. The development of Taizhong large-scale mining excavator has gone through an extraordinary process. Since the birth of the first 20 cubic meter excavator independently developed in China in 2004, it has been 27 cubic meters, 35 cubic meters, 55 cubic meters and the world's largest 75 cubic meters excavator. After ten years of hard innovation and efforts, it has made remarkable achievements, Thus, Taizhong achieved a qualitative leap from following to leading in the field of mining excavator manufacturing in the world

the excavators produced too heavily not only meet the needs of China's domestic market, but also have been exported to Russia, Pakistan, Peru, Kazakhstan, India, Myanmar, Mongolia, Chile, South Africa, Iran, Liberia and other countries. They have achieved remarkable economic and social benefits and achieved the development goal of "China's equipment, equipment the world"

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