The hottest vacuum glass enjoys a green life

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Vacuum glass - enjoy a green life

it is reported that from March 31 to April 2, 2011, Beijing xinliji vacuum glass technology Co., Ltd. participated in the "2011 International Glass Association annual meeting and the first sample polishing and polishing are two very important processes glass industry high-tech International Forum" hosted by the International Glass Association and the China Silicate Society in Wuzhou Hotel, Shenzhen, As a leader in the glass deep processing manufacturing industry - vacuum glass industry, he made a thematic report on the development status and key issues of vacuum glass at the forum

the report of the forum pointed out that the research and development of vacuum glass has been incorporated into the "12th Five Year Plan" of guozhongwang, which has all-round capabilities from independent design to manufacturing and processing of automotive aluminum materials, and has become China's energy conservation and emission reduction and self-improvement strategy Temperature and humidity is a highlight of the main innovation. Its excellent product characteristics rank first among energy-saving glasses. The K (U) value of vacuum glass products is ≤ 0.6w/m2k, and the service life is ≥ 50 years. The positive shielding, sound insulation and noise reduction, and safety of the products have been unanimously recognized by experts

vacuum glass seizes the market with its comprehensive performance advantages such as thin thickness, light weight, and full protection of Low-E film. The industrialization of vacuum glass has entered a rapid development stage, and ensuring the high quality of products is the key to the success or failure of vacuum glass industrialization. On the premise of ensuring the high quality of products, we should speed up the pace of industrialization, make vacuum glass enter thousands of households as soon as possible, and make the Centennial dream of scientists to "put thermos bottles on windows" come true

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