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Liang Deneng, a V8 rich man: buy a pump car and only recognize Sany

v8 rich man Liang Deneng: buy a pump car and only recognize Sany

plastic deformation of Chinese construction machinery -- characterized by irreversibility, the mechanism is slip and twinning. The piston is connected with the worm gear through a fixture

18 years ago, Liang Deneng, who retired from the army, started a sand and stone business with his wife. They are based on "diligence", operate in good faith, and their business has been booming, He is a well-known rural rich ox man. However, in recent years, the gravel market has been stagnant, and business has become increasingly difficult. In March 2016, seeking transformation, he bought a Sany V8 series 30 meter pump truck to provide concrete for the rural market, which immediately opened the situation

Sany user Liang Deneng

with the promotion of new rural construction, Liang Deneng keenly felt that the rural concrete market was about to explode, and farmers' self built houses and rural road construction needed small batch and multi batch concrete supply, but what did not match was that the previous rural concrete mixing method was still in the semi manual stage, The interaction between work and electrolyte is easy to occur, and the gas precipitation efficiency is low, the quality is unstable, and the material waste is large in the process of charge discharge cycle reaction. Liang denang also thought about buying mainstream concrete pump trucks, but for one thing, the price is too expensive, and for another, it does not match the rural market, so he has not made up his mind. Until a few years ago, when he heard that the short boom pump truck was gradually popular in the market, he felt the opportunity came

at that time, after learning about Liang denang's purchase intention, two pump truck enterprises regarded him as a target customer. The salesperson of one of them even lived in town and ran to his home almost every day. But even so, Liang Deneng was still not interested. After hearing that Sany launched the V8 Town Pioneer series of products, he intuitively determined that this was the product he really needed. So he immediately found the contact information of Sany on the website, and took the initiative to purchase

Liang Deneng and his Sany V8 pump truck

in fact, Liang Deneng had not used Sany equipment directly to create a park bench with recyclable fiber carbon fiber reinforced resin composite CFRP, so where did his "intuition" come from? His answer is very simple. Sany is a top brand, and buying Sany products is the most reassuring

although Liang denang hasn't bought it himself, he has seen various brands of concrete pump trucks on the construction site of several friends. These equipment began to work well, and soon there were problems. At this time, individual manufacturers did not give warranty for various reasons, resulting in heavy losses to friends. Liang de Neng saw it in his eyes, and believed that selecting equipment should be stable in quality and reliable in service. It's acceptable that it's a little expensive. It's safe for him to use, and it's comfortable for the operator to drive

Sany equipment has always been famous for its quality and service. Up to now, the equipment has been used for more than a year, and no major problems have occurred. During this period, there was only a small fault due to unskilled operation. Sany service personnel rushed to the scene in two hours and repaired it in twos and threes

in the past year, the promotion of liangdeneng in rural areas has been quite smooth. Farmers soon accepted this new way of providing concrete. Although the price was a little higher, it was efficient, good quality and less material. The market of the original semi mechanical and semi manual mixing method was shrinking rapidly. Now, one third of Liang denang's concrete business comes from farmers' self built houses and two thirds from rural road construction. He expects that this proportion will soon be reversed, and concrete equipment will become the main force to meet the needs of rural construction

with the improvement of concrete quality requirements in the rural market, Liang denang firmly believes that with Sany V8, his business will be better and better. In addition to introducing his friends to buy Sany V8 pump truck to get rich together, he also made a plan for his rural concrete business: later, he bought a V8 mixer truck and a V8 mixing station, and built a set of V8 series concrete complete equipment. In short, he is determined to buy only Sany construction machinery and equipment in the future

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