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Vacuum aluminized paper: packaging "green darling"

editor's note: vacuum aluminized paper, or aluminum spray paper, aluminized paper, is expected to reach $8.6 billion in 2020. Paper and evaporated paper are new green packaging materials that have been more and more widely used in the packaging industry internationally since the 1980s. Some experts predict that at the beginning of the 21st century, vacuum aluminum spray paper will become the darling of China's packaging industry

aluminized paper is mainly composed of base paper, aluminum layer and coating. Due to its good gloss and smoothness, good flexibility, high fastness of aluminum spraying layer, beautiful and environmental protection, as well as good printing performance and mechanical processing performance, it can be widely used in the exquisite packaging of cigarettes, wine, bottle stickers, tea, food, cosmetics, daily chemicals, department stores, gifts, craft crystals and other products, as well as building decoration materials. China's aluminized paper market has a large development space. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly 30 enterprises that have built or will invest in aluminized paper projects, some of which are large-scale and advanced equipment. [aluminized paper &type=1 "> see related enterprises on this website]

therefore, this topic will focus on vacuum aluminized paper, the" green "favorite in the packaging industry, and talk about its green environmental protection, its printing production process and specific applications. I hope it can be used for reference in related industries.

§ green in the packaging industry Pursue §

vacuum aluminized paper is an environmental friendly and hygienic green packaging material. At present, it is more popular in the world and widely used in a timely manner. Because of its noble and beautiful metal texture, stable and reliable printing performance and degradable and recyclable environmental protection properties, it is more and more loved by people. And its price is nearly 2000 yuan/ton cheaper than aluminum foil paper, so this product has strong market competitiveness. Since 1992, vacuum aluminized waterproof wine label paper has entered China's beer bottle packaging market and expanded rapidly. Since 1993, vacuum aluminized (gray bottom) paperboard has been used in domestic Baijiu, flowers, cosmetics, food and gift packaging markets. Since 1997, vacuum aluminized cardboard has entered the outer packaging market of domestic cigarettes, gradually replacing traditional high price, non environmental protection packaging materials such as aluminum foil paper and coated cards. Some experts predict that vacuum aluminized paper (card according to market prediction) will become the darling of China's packaging industry, and the market prospect is very optimistic

it is called green material because it uses vacuum aluminizing method to cover only a layer of 0.25~0.3 microns on the surface of paperboard( μ m) The thin, compact and bright aluminum layer is only one fifth of the aluminum foil layer of composite cardboard. Therefore, it not only has metal texture, but also has degradable and recyclable environmental protection properties

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