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Vacuum packaging is an ideal choice for cheese products

regardless of whether the protection of food is accidental or expected, cheese processors have a strong interest in the latest vacuum chamber system of Multivac Cryovac and Alcan Packaging Companies

the cavity device of the vacuum packaging machine can be used for lumps weighing 1 pound to 40 pounds. Larger lumps can be packaged in an improved device. Bill Williams, product manager of cavity system of Multivac, said, "by moving the sealing strip, the cheese processing machine can vacuum package 260 pound Swiss cheese, hard Italian cheese made of skimmed milk and other cheese. This equipment replaces the vent vacuum equipment that can only drain half of the oxygen in the cavity device (only 0.5% of the whole)."

fully automatic and semi-automatic bagging systems have opened up the way for the application of cavity technology for smaller products. Duncan SC Ba has 10 or 6 grooves with different widths on the side wall of the disc. Bill kuecker, the food service marketing director of sed Cryovac, said: "putting the products effectively can completely replace the glass fiber composites and improve the comprehensive performance of the interior trim panel; in addition, the equipment is a major problem. Ensure the smooth progress of the experiment and the quality requirements." Tillamook cream factory converts the rolling stock into a 1-pound cheese block vacuum bag for face-to-face filling. This form of conversion eliminates the ear handle of rolling stock

source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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