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V2 video conference helps summer students form a "personalized" management safely

ctiforum July 10 news (Jiaqi): it's summer vacation, and many children have turned out their roller skates, swimsuits, game consoles, etc., and plan to have a good holiday. Parents began to worry: what if their children go out to play when they go to work during the day? What if you have a wild heart? How to deal with gas leakage and electric shock accidents by letting children stay at home? Parents who can't share holidays with their children are a little tangled. Children have their summer vacation, but schools, teachers and parents must not let safety also have a holiday

in order to make schools, teachers and parents tighten the string of summer safety, V2 video conference puts forward a good method. At present, many educational institutions and schools use V2 video conference as a summer training platform. First, children can integrate teaching with entertainment and preview and learn the knowledge of the next semester through advanced video conference system; On the other hand, participating in such Summer online training also saves children from running around to check safety

as a video conference multimedia solution provider in the field of satellite distance education, V2 video conference provides a comprehensive, multi-level and efficient real-time interactive virtual classroom with its powerful and perfect application functions and stable and excellent system performance. V2 video conference adopts advanced audio and video coding and decoding technology and rich data exchange functions, which can realize the face-to-face teaching process between teachers and students on the Internet. Teachers can send their own voice, images, handouts and blackboard writing to remote students through V2 video conference. Students can communicate with teachers in time by raising their hands to vote, text communication, audio speech and questioning. At the same time, V2 video conference also supports the recording function, which can save the whole teaching process as streaming media files without omission, Facilitate the retention and promotion of high-quality and excellent educational resources

v2 video conference terminal adopts the industry's advanced H.264 coding method, supports H.263 4cif high-quality video image display, and can provide high-definition image quality for video conference users to realize high-definition video conference. And V2 video conference has rich functions, including camera remote control, multicast, TV wall, multi group conference concurrency, high-capacity video conference, etc. users can choose appropriate modules according to their own needs to build a complete V2 video conference platform. V2 video conference data application tools such as electronic whiteboard, application sharing, desktop sharing, instant messaging, document transmission, etc. are also available. Users can use them to meet their different needs, such as remote recruitment, remote training, remote consultation, etc

v2 video conference also has a powerful conference function, which can shorten the time of written documents, notices, orders, commands, etc. issued during decision-making. The file sharing function of V2 video conference can realize the sharing of documents in various formats: PowerPoint, word, Excel, PDF, TXT, flash and the storage of various audio-visual original documents. The server can be used as an independent server, combined with V2 video conference to realize video conference materials Video indexing, storage, on-demand and live broadcast. Optimize the electronic whiteboard, and the decision-making level can timely approve the return ahead; Meeting recording, realize video. If there is no real-time synchronous recording of Weiqiao meeting, it uses the general ASF format to store, multi-channel video and audio data and whiteboard and text communication data, which can realize selective recording. The recorded multimedia data can be synchronized, so that Lubrizol life sciences can provide end-to-end solution playback

connect the Internet and click the mouse to browse the information about mathematics, Chinese, handmade and so on; Through the camera and projector, we can use V2 video conference to communicate directly with famous school teachers and even foreign teachers thousands of miles away. This is what I saw in a summer online class a few days ago

will such an interesting digital classroom distract children from class? Of course not! Teacher Zhang of a school showed that the terminal control of all digital classrooms was on the instructor's computer, and the teacher could master the status of each child's digital classroom, and could turn off the operation of any digital classroom at any time. I can use the digital classroom to increase their interest in learning. I need to listen to the graphene industrialization road. It will be shut down for a long time, and the whole classroom will be more efficient

in summer vacation, you must fasten your child's seat belt. Summer safety is not a new problem, but a big social problem. Therefore, the most RFID technology to reduce summer safety accidents needs to start from the following four aspects. A good way is to form a trinity of school, parents and society. At present, V2 video conference has been deployed and used in Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beijing University of technology, Northeast Agricultural University, Gansu University of technology, Northwest University, the middle school attached to Beijing Haidian teachers' College, Hangzhou maiyuqiao primary school, Beijing Radio and Television University, Wuhan Municipal Education Commission of Hubei Province, Jiaozuo Municipal Education Commission of Henan Province, and Jiangsu youth cadre management college. Interesting and high-tech digital classroom has been loved by many students. Through V2 video conference, children can form a standardized management and build a safe prevention for minors, so as to avoid the frequent occurrence of tragedies and let the majority of primary and secondary school students have a safe, happy, full and meaningful summer vacation

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