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The first vacuum glass production line with "0" fragment rate was born

KS vacuum glass developed by Jiangsu Zhongxing Boying group pioneered the side vacuum pumping technology without drilling, which reduced the fragment rate in production to "0" and increased the yield to 80%

perfect tempering in low temperature vacuum

another difficult problem of vacuum glass is tempering. (1) The universal material testing machine "Regulations on the administration of building safety glass" (No. 20032116) stipulates that the external windows of buildings with 7 floors and above must use fixture glass that is safe for special samples (finished and semi-finished products). Therefore, almost all such buildings must use toughened glass, but vacuum glass may lose its toughening property during annealing. KS vacuum glass adopts advanced low-temperature edge banding technology and low-temperature vacuum pumping technology. During glass synthesis, the critical value of tempering temperature is controlled at low temperature, and the tempering of vacuum glass is successfully realized. At present, semi tempered vacuum glass products can be mass produced, while fully tempered vacuum glass products have been successfully developed under experimental conditions and are about to be mass produced

ks vacuum glass has six advantages, leading similar products:

first, all-round energy saving. K value of single KS vacuum glass is 0. Below 7, if the heat transfer coefficient (k value) exceeds the highest level, the K value of the combined product can reach 0. Less than 5, reaching the thermal insulation performance of the external wall of ordinary buildings

II. Significant noise reduction. The RW (weighted sound insulation) of single KS vacuum glass can reach 37db at least, which is higher than that of similar products (35dB) and far higher than that of hollow glass (27db)

third, super first-class production capacity. Based on the modern automatic vacuum glass production line, the revolutionary use of batch vacuum technology enables a single production line to achieve an annual capacity of 40000 square meters

IV. revolutionary technology. With the international leading technology of side exhaust, the product surface has no residual sealing of exhaust pipe, which is convenient for transportation and installation, and the appearance is flat and beautiful

v. rapid detection. With the unique method of rapid vacuum degree inspection, the qualitative and quantitative inspection speed of vacuum glass products reaches one piece every three seconds, fundamentally ensuring the qualified rate of finished products

VI. super long service life. The getter technology of KS vacuum glass successfully solves the degassing method during the evaporation of barium series, and scientifically and reasonably mixes barium series and zirconium series or uses them alone, ensuring the quality and service life of products. At the same time, the product also adopts a special glass powder edge sealing method to avoid or reduce the attenuation of vacuum. Therefore, the service life of KS vacuum glass is much longer than that of similar products

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